What to Wear Autumn and Winter in Taiwan

In 2016, I was able to visit Taiwan twice in November and December. The first was on my birthday for four days and the second was for five days. So, in this blog post, I will write what to wear autumn and winter in Taiwan.

what to wear autumn and winter in taiwan

I had a different set of clothes in November and December but I just decided to write this in one blog post since the weather is both cold. What I learned from this trip is that I should have just stick to my one pink jacket. But I had other jackets I haven’t tried. Better to wear the waterproof jacket.

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What to Wear Autumn and Winter in Taiwan?

You might have read my previous posts about what I was wearing autumn in Japan and spring in Taiwan. For that same one jacket I recommend, I used Uniqlo Waterproof Jacket.

  1. (1) Winter Jacket or Uniqlo Waterproof Fuchsia Jacket – I bought this when I was in Singapore last September 2015 because there were no available Uniqlo stores in Cebu at that time. But buying a high-quality waterproof jacket from Uniqlo was a good investment. I really loved it as I was able to use this for my trip to Taiwan as well.
  2. (1) Beanie – I got this in a shopping mall in Cebu for PHP 250.
  3. (1 or 2) Scarves – Bought my brown scarf in the men’s accessories as I love the color.
  4. (1 or 2) Gloves – Got my gray gloves during my trip to Manila when we went to Snow World with friends and my pink gloves during my skating session in Kuala Lumpur.
  5. (1) pair of Jeans – Wore this during my flight from Cebu to Tokyo but I ended up not wearing them during my whole stay in Tokyo.
  6. (2-3) Sweaters – I ended up wearing four (4) layers in total because it was really cold.
  7. (3) pairs of Stockings with fleece lining – I bought three colors: black, gray, and skin tone as my innerwear or the first layer.
  8. (3) pairs of Leg Warmers – Also bought two colors: black and skin tone as the second layer if I’m wearing a skirt or a mini dress after the stockings or the third layer after wearing leggings.
  9. (1) pair of Yoga Leggings – Serve as a second layer.
  10. (2-3) pairs of thick socks – The second layer after the stockings either short or long socks in 3 colors: black, white and gray.
  11. (1 or 2) pairs of shoes either boots or rubber shoes – I only brought with me a pair of pink rubber shoes as I don’t have money to buy winter boots. I was being practical and wear the only shoes I have with me.
  12. (1) pair of shorts – Bought this when I was Kuala Lumpur in 2013. I always bring this and wear it even in the summer. It serves as the fourth layer after the leggings.
  13. (1) skirt – Braved me to wore a black mini skirt as the fifth layer under my shorts.
  14. Mini dress (sleeveless and with sleeves) – I have 2 mini dresses which I can also wear during the summer. My dark blue sleeveless dress is made of 95% Polyamide and the aqua green dress with sleeves is also made in the polyester quality. It’s stretchable and easy to wash.
  15. (2) T-shirts and (2) Tank tops – Other clothes good for layering.
  16. (7) pairs of underwear – I do handwash every after a shower.
  17. (2) pairs of bra – Sometimes I don’t wear a bra because I was wearing four layers already.

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Photos – What to Wear Autumn and Winter in Taiwan

As you can see, I don’t stress much about #ootd or outfit of the day. I was wearing two layers of jacket, the inner was thin and the outer was thick. In four to five days, I was wearing the same jacket respectively in November and December. It’s important to wear at least two layers and always bring leg warmer with you. I was wearing the same thing during the spring season in Taiwan to see the cherry blossoms.

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I’ve never been to the mountainous/snowy area of Taiwan so technically, I haven’t experienced real winter yet. The coldness in Taipei is more tolerable than in Tokyo.


Additional Tips

Always Moisturize in the Cold Weather

In cold weather, I always have a skin breakout in which the face of my skin becomes sensitive, dry, and itchy.

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