What to Wear: Spring Season in Taiwan

what to wear spring season in taiwanWhat to wear spring season in Taiwan? Spring Season is fast approaching and definitely, my trip to Taiwan was the best thing ever happened to me. Even though I never made it to Winter trip in South Korea because of visa denial, I moved on.

Booked a round trip ticket few days before the trip and I got it for PHP5,000. At first, I was hesitant to go back to Taiwan but since my friend convinced me to go there, the cherry blossoms made me excited. I made it to Taiwan last April 2, 2017.

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Upon arrival in Taipei, it was 12 degrees Celcius. It was as the same coldness when I was in Japan for the autumn season. But in the middle of April, it was getting sunny so I was wearing fewer layers of clothes.

What to Wear Spring Season in Taiwan?

As a frequent traveler, I am mostly wearing the same set of clothes which I packed inside my bag. If you have read my blog post about What to Wear Autumn Season in Japan, you can see I have the same stuff with me.

  1. (1) Uniqlo Waterproof Fuchsia Jacket – bought it in Singapore and wore in Japan.
  2. (2) Beanie – I got a panda beanie and brown stripe beanie
  3. (1 or 2) Scarfs – black and white scarf and brown scarf
  4. (1 or 2) Gloves – gray and pink gloves
  5. (1) pair of Jeans – I usually wear this during the flight
  6. (2-3) Sweaters – I can wear 2 layers.
  7. (2) pairs of Knee High Leg Warmers – I have two colors: black and skin tone
  8. (1) pair of Yoga Leggings – I brought this with me but end up not wearing this at all
  9. (2-3) pairs of thick socks – Not wearing this at all
  10. (1 or 2) pairs of shoes either boots or rubber shoes – I had one rubber shoes and slip-on shoes from Skechers
  11. One (1) pair of shorts – My favorite shorts to wear for all seasons.
  12. (1) skirt – optional if you want to be girly during the spring season
  13. Mini dress (sleeveless and with sleeves) – I have 2 mini dresses which I can also wear during the summer. My dark blue sleeveless dress is made of 95% Polyamide and the aqua green dress with sleeves is also made in the polyester quality. It’s stretchable and easy to wash.
  14. (2) T-shirts and (2) Tank tops – Other clothes good for layering.
  15. (7) pairs of underwear – I do handwash every after a shower.
  16. (2) pairs of bra – sometimes I don’t wear a bra at all because of the layer of clothes.


Conclusion – What to Wear Spring Season in Taiwan

For me, it’s not really difficult to find something to wear for the spring season. As mentioned earlier, I wear simple clothes and mostly wearing the same thing during the autumn season.

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