6 Common Reasons Why Foreigners or Expats Love to Stay in the Philippines?

why foreigners love to stay in the PhilippinesHere, I am writing why foreigners love to stay in the Philippines? As a traveler in some provinces here in the Philippines, I’ve met foreigners or expats who are staying more than 2 years in this country. They come in different ages: from early 20’s to 60’s. While we Filipinos, most of us want to stay in their countries.

Most of the foreigners or expats I met found a job in the Philippines. Some just quit their jobs and making a business here. The others are enjoying their retirement in this country.

6 Common Reasons Why Foreigners Love to Stay in the Philippines?

The Warm and Sunny Weather

I always hear this from foreigners who love to escape the cold weather (autumn, winter, and spring) from their countries. Most of the time they stay in the Philippines for several months and go back to their countries when it’s summer there just to visit their families.

Amazing Island Destinations

With the warm and sunny weather here in the Philippines, this country is proud of its beautiful island destinations. Met a lot of foreigners who are scuba dive instructors on Malapascua Island, Boracay, Dumaguete, Cebu, and Palawan and just enjoy the underwater. How I wish I can also visit other dive sites here in the Philippines.

Some Islands You Can Visit:

The Laid Back Lifestyle

Foreigners or expats love the laid back lifestyle here in the Philippines especially in the provinces outside of Manila. If you want the party scene near the beach, go to Boracay. When you want to live where typhoon and earthquake seldom hits, live in Palawan. If you want a well-developed city like Manila but easy access to the beaches, Cebu is a good choice.

Low Cost of Living

You can live with a USD$1000 if you live in simplicity. A monthly rental for a small apartment will cost USD$100. A local market for food will save you a lot of money instead of buying at grocery stores or eat out.  A bottle of beer and a pack of cigarette are not expensive. But if you plan to stay healthy, avoid beer and cigarettes and it will save you more. Buying insurance is also cheaper compared to other countries in Asia.

The easiest mode of transportation if an expat lives here in the Philippines is to buy a motorcycle, either it’s brand new or second hand. An expat can also invest in condominiums but cannot own land property in the Philippines.

Good Business and Investment Potential

Others have also set up their shops and business in the Philippines. A lot of BPO and Start-Up companies are now in Manila and Cebu because Filipinos are good English speakers. Filipinos offer a wide variety of skills and foreigner businessmen can afford the cost of labor. The Philippines has become an attractive location to live for expats.

The People and Culture

Filipinos can speak good English so communicating with them is not a problem. The Philippines has a colorful culture from different festivities in different provinces, the hospitality of the people, living in simplicity, and how people face difficulties and challenges in life. The Filipinos love to smile, laugh and knows have to have fun. They have their own customs, traditions, and beliefs but you’ll be amused how Filipinos are fond of the Western culture.

Conclusions Why Foreigners Love to Stay in the Philippines?

These are some of the positive feedback I’ve heard from expats I’ve met and these are just the common reasons why foreigners love to stay in the Philippines. I remain to stay out of politics with this post as everyone has its own opinion of what is going on in the political scene. But if you’re a foreigner who has good intentions in living in the Philippines, you are safe.

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