Why Taiwan Solo Travel Is Very Worth It?

Is Taiwan solo travel very worth it? Well, I have to let you know that it is very worth it as I’ve been there four times already. Two was in November on my 28th birthday and December 2016 and the other two were in April on the spring season and May to June 2017 for 26 days.

why taiwan solo travel is very worth it

The truth is, I took advantage of my Japan visa to get a ROC travel authorization certificate to Taiwan. Which it was allowed to travel for 30 days on multiple visits. Since the 14-day visa-free to Taiwan was implemented, you won’t have this privilege anymore.

Back in 2016 and 2017, the flight was very cheap to Taiwan that I always loved the idea of booking my flight on the spot. Friends could see how I enjoyed my Taiwan solo travel and why I always keep on coming back.

Why Taiwan Solo Travel is Very Worth It?

Taiwan is a Safe Country

Indeed, Taiwan is a safe country next to Japan. I felt very safe walking alone or even with a friend. You can go out in the middle of the night and grab a bike. Go to the nearest park in your area and do a work out.

Taiwan is Easy to Get Around

When I go around in the capital city, Taipei, it’s easy to get around by walking, biking, and using a bus and a train. I used a taxi twice when I was late going back to the airport. When I visited other cities in Taiwan, its easy to use the train. It’s the most convenient thing ever hopping from one city to another.

I love to bike around Taiwan and it’s the most practical transportation for everyone. The locals love to bike. They are so lucky they can use a public bike which you need to use the Easy Card. This is why Taiwanese people are healthy. I’ve never seen a lot of obese people.

Taiwan has one of the best infrastructures and networks of buses and trains. One time I got lost, I went out of the metro station and walked far away from the station. I had no idea where I was and had trouble going back. Since I had my Easy Card with me, make sure it’s all top up with money, I hopped on a random bus and made sure to stop to any nearest entry of metro stations.

It is Very Clean

Living like a local in Taipei, Taiwanese people are disciplined on how they dispose of their garbage. Every time they hear the garbage truck jingle, people will eventually run. They’re in a hurry to get rid of their garbage out of there homes.

I actually experienced it when I was in Taitung, doing volunteer work in a hostel. There is a schedule for disposing of the biodegradable and non-biodegradable trash. I could see how responsible the locals are just to have clean surroundings.

In Taipei, it’s very rare to see any trash bins so you really have to bring your own trash. Better bring your own plastic bag while getting around.

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The People are Nice

Older people are very shy to speak in English so the others would say, ‘No English.’ The young Taiwanese people are cool. In general, they are polite and friendly so I have nothing bad to say against them. Taiwan is like a cheap alternative to Japan. They are very helpful with tourists and travelers and this is why it’s safe to travel in Taiwan. If you have experienced the friendliness and politeness of Japanese people, you can feel the similarity with Taiwanese people. This is one of the reasons why Taiwan solo travel is all worth it.

As I said earlier that young Taiwanese people are cool, well, they are willing to help and start a conversation. It helps them to engage with a foreigner with their English. You can get a lot of travel tips from the locals.

The Food is Indeed Delicious

The moment I set foot in Taiwan, a Filipina friend who is an OFW in Taiwan told me that I’ll gain weight because of the sumptuous food. Well, you have to stay in Taiwan at least for a month to see that change. Since I stayed for 25 days and 26 days back in 2017, I never gained weight nor added a few inches on my waistline. Thanks to YouBike, a rental bike system in Taipei as I burned all the food that I eat by biking around even though most of the night, I go to night markets to eat.

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How to Prepare Your Taiwan Solo Travel?

Find out the season or weather in Taiwan

Are you going to Taiwan during winter, spring, summer or fall? Then you have to check which is the best season for you to visit Taiwan and it depends on your preference.

Also, with the weather, you have to prepare which clothes to wear. Especially if you’re from a tropical country without the cold weather in spring, autumn, and winter.

I’ve written here… What To Wear: Spring Season in Taiwan and What to Wear: Autumn and Winter in Taiwan

Do you need a SIM card or a Pocket Wi-Fi in Taiwan?

When I was on a short trip for four days to a week, I rented a pocket Wi-Fi which I pick it up at the airport. It was very convenient by the time I need to return it.

Get a Pocket Wi-Fi: iVideo Pocket Wi-Fi – A Filipina Digital Nomad Experience in Taiwan

When I went back to Taiwan on a long trip, I bought a SIM card with the help of a friend. Take note that it was not that easy to buy a SIM card.

Get a SIM card: How to Buy a Prepaid SIM Card in Taipei?

Are you on a short trip or a long trip to Taiwan?

Taiwan solo travel is easy so you can have a short trip for at least four days to a week. Here’s some of the experiences I did.

For a long trip to Taiwan, I did some volunteer work in a hostel to sustain my trip and living with a host. Check out my experience below.

Are you scouting for a romantic place to propose marriage in Taipei?

Well, if you’re looking for one, I actually created a list on the 7 Best Romantic Places to Propose Marriage in Taipei, Taiwan

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Download the Taipei MRT Map 2018/2019

When you’re in Taipei, it’s easy to navigate the MRT stations if you download the Taipei MRT Map 2018/2019 or the Metro Taipei app on your phone.

taipei mrt map 2018

Source: Metro Taipei

Get an Easy Card

Get an Easy Card upon arrival at the airport. Top it up at least 200 NTD and you can use it on Metro Train, Taiwan Rail, and the bus.

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