5 Best Romantic Places to Propose Marriage in Taipei, Taiwan

5 Best Romantic Places to Propose Marriage in Taipei, Taiwan

Do you know any best romantic places to propose marriage in Taipei? Taiwan is a hot destination right now for travelers. It is one of the cheapest destinations, especially from the Philippines. It is the cheaper alternative of Japan and South Korea if you want to experience the cold weather during winter, spring and fall.

As an individual who keeps on coming back to Taiwan. I come up with this idea of the best romantic places to propose marriage in Taipei, Taiwan. I have visited these places myself, you are welcome!

5 Best Romantic Places to Propose Marriage in Taipei, Taiwan

Under the Sakura Tree at Yangmingshan National Park

Spring season is near. As a girl, one of the best moments to receive a proposal is under the Cherry Blossom tree. But I was traveling solo, so witnessing it by myself is fine. But as a couple, going to Yangmingshan National Park to see the cherry blossoms is the perfect gateway to pop up the question.

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Highest Point of Taipei 101 at Night

My friend from Japan traveled to Taiwan to see me on my birthday. We went to Taipei 101 on the 89th floor as a birthday gift. As I was having a nice overlooking view from above of Taipei, I just imagined that Taipei 101 is one of the best romantic places to propose marriage in Taipei. There are several people but you can find a good place where you can secretly pop up the question. Or maybe, ask help from the staff if you have the time. If not, just surprise her.

I celebrated my birthday at Taipei 101 Observatory #birthday #Nov10 #NovemberBaby #TheTravelIntern #happy28th #nightscape

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Floors: 101
Location: Xinyi Special District, Xinyi District; Taipei, Taiwan

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Hiking at Elephant Mountain

Elephant Mountain is one of the most popular hiking spots in Taipei. It’s the first destination I went to the moment I arrived in Taipei together with a Filipina friend who showed me around. Better to go there and start hiking in the afternoon and wait for the sunset. There’s a good view of Taipei 101 as well. Pop up the question during the sunset, that would be lovely.


The Top Taiwan

A local Taiwanese guy invited me and showed me some places in Taipei. He was driving a BMW car which I wasn’t expecting. We went to The Top Taiwan for dinner. My jaw dropped and got amazingly surprised by the view. We even witnessed a proposal here and it was the best romantic night ever. Lucky girl!




Address: No. 33, Alley 4, Lane 61, Kaixuan Road, Shilin District, Taipei City, Taiwan 111
Hours: Open ⋅ Closes 3AM
Phone: +886 2 2862 2255

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Bitan Suspension Bridge in Taiwan near Xindian station

A local friend whom I met during my second time in Taiwan gave me a new place to go to and that is Bitan Suspension Bridge near Xindian Station. It’s easy to go there just by taking the green line. It’s a park for local people where they cycle or bike around, enjoy the walk to the bridge, and just do the paddle boat on the river. Stay until evening and you will witness the bridge illuminated by light beams and change into different colors. Pop up the question at night as you will witness the musical fountains as well.

Address: 231, Taiwan, New Taipei City, Xindian District, 碧潭吊橋

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Has any of you found another best romantic places to propose marriage in Taipei, Taiwan? Or any couples have actually proposed marriage in these places I mentioned? Please do send a message together with your Instagram account as I will compile it here and update this post. You can write a caption for 100-200 words.


Roxanne is an aspiring digital nomad. A virtual assistant since October 2009. She is a hobbyist blogger, photographer and travels a lot.

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