The Eiffel Tower Visit Tips and Experience

Living in France, the Eiffel Tower visit is a must-do since I am from the Philippines. Visiting the Eiffel Tower, particularly going up to its observation decks, is often considered a worthwhile experience for several reasons: Panoramic Views Historical and Cultural Significance Unique Experience of the Eiffel Tower Visit Memorable Moment of the Eiffel Tower[…]

5 Best Luxurious Places to Visit in Africa with Your Partner in 2024

With smooth sailing of all official ceremonies, it is time to spend some lovely moments together. Plan your Luxury Holidays in Africa as you explore the secluded beaches or vast savannas teeming with wildlife and envision yourselves as you relax in luxurious lodges located amidst pristine wilderness. Africa is a kaleidoscopic destination, offering experiences filled[…]

How to Renew a Philippines Passport in Paris, France

After a few years of being stuck during the pandemic, I got to renew my Philippines passport in Paris, France. If you’re curious about how to do it, here is my step-by-step guide for our Filipino readers. Guidelines Screenshot Overview Set up your appointment at the Philippine Embassy in Paris, France Go to the official[…]

Sketching Tools Collection as a Beginner

Hi, everybody! Welcome back to my blog. As mentioned in the previous blog, I started collecting art materials because I wanted to do some coloring and start bullet journaling until I decided to get into sketching. This was to fight my anxiety and I have to find ways to lower my stress. Being a new[…]

The Best Walking Shoes for Travel 2023

Are you looking for the best walking shoes for travel? Personally, I love to walk a lot. When I was in the Philippines, I have this favorite brand of shoes that I always buy when there was a promo. Luckily, when I was pregnant and traveling from Cebu to Europe, I was able to buy[…]

malapascua island accommodation

Malapascua Island Accommodation – Where to Stay?

Looking for Malapascua island accommodation? Malapascua island has several places to choose from for backpackers and solo travelers, scuba divers, groups of friends, and family. My first visit was in 2010 with my relatives. I came back here in 2015 as a solo backpacker with a fun experience. I just realized I became a frequent[…]

Saint Gervais Les Bains Skiing – My First Ski Experience in France

Skiing at Saint Gervais Les Bains was indeed a great experience. In fact, it was the first time that I really enjoyed it so much. Finally, my first ski experience came into a reality after how many years. Just a throwback, I got invited for a winter trip to Canada but was denied a visa[…]

how to have the best family trip in bologna

How to Have the Best Family Trip to Bologna

When thinking about going on a trip with your family, particularly with your kids, you want to make sure that you choose a destination with plenty of interesting things to do for everyone involved. While not an obvious first choice, the Italian city of Bologna is an excellent place to explore with your family. The[…]

married in france

Officially Married in France and Parents of Two Kids

We are officially married in France! After few years of lockdowns, closed borders, and closed offices… Finally, we are officially Monsieur et Madam and now parents of two kids. When life happens during the pandemic. Exciting and surprising, isn’t it? Things were so busy back then the reason I never post updates about my family[…]

how to achieve a successful spontaneous backpacking trip

How To Do a Spontaneous Backpacking Trip

As a Filipino traveler with a third-world passport, doing a spontaneous backpacking solo trip can be impossible. Maybe because of the thought that one is attached to his 9-5 day time job. Sometimes, you may ask this question, “Should I resign from my job? Can I have a sabbatical leave?” As Filipino, we really don’t[…]

Hiking Mountain Zwegabin with a Broken Heart in Hpa-an, Myanmar

Am I a professional or hobbyist mountain climber? No, I am not. But if you have time around Hpa-an in Myanmar, hiking to Mount Zwegabin is a must. It was my first time hiking a mountain alone in a different country. Although there are lots of hobbyist hikers and climbers in my country, I never[…]

Life Update: Goodbye Solo Backpacking, Hello Family Life!

It’s been a long time I haven’t written for my travel blog and I really missed it, actually. Now, it’s time to update a personal story on my blog on what is going on with my life. I have no plans of abandoning my travel blog as I have so many unwritten stories of my[…]