My 4 Days 3 Nights Hong Kong Macau Trip Last October 2014

This has been an overdue post as this trip was in October 2014. This trip happened after my Palawan trip. I got my ticket for less than PhP3,000 after my trip in Malaysia in 2013, thanks to Cebu Pacific. My budget was PhP30,000¬†for my 4D3N as I went there as a tourist. Hmm, so I[…]

Top 10 2014 Travels I Haven't Blogged Yet

This is the first time I have to write like a year-ender travel blog post as I have not done this in 2013. This is also a sneak preview of where I’ve been in 2014. I never expected that 2014 has been a crazy year of traveling. Although I have lots of 2013 travels and[…]