12 Photos of Autumn in Tokyo That Will Make You Visit Japan

12 photos of autumn in tokyoI was so lucky that I was able to visit Japan the second time around back in 2015. That time, I just experienced my first autumn in Tokyo. I made a lot of preparations for this trip as I needed to get a Japan visa and searching for what to wear in autumn.

For this trip, I got this cheap ticket to Japan for PhP4500 or US$100 round trip which is Cebu-Tokyo-Manila. I grabbed the opportunity right away since it would be my first time to experience the fall season. I was half-nervous because of the cold weather since I was not used to it.

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Photos of Autumn in Tokyo

Meiji Jingu Gaien Park – Autumn in Tokyo

Autumn Tokyo Japan

For this second trip, I just stayed in Tokyo although they said that Kyoto has the most beautiful koyo experience. There were some places in Tokyo I had not able to visit the reason I returned.

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Autumn Tokyo Japan 2

Autumn Tokyo Japan 4

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Autumn Tokyo Japan 5

Since I travel solo most of the time, just expect selfies and self-timer shots.

Autumn Tokyo Japan 6

I fell in love with the colorful autumn leaves. This was a birthday gift to myself since my birthdate is on November 10. This 2nd time around in Japan happened from November 28 to December 7, 2015.

Autumn Tokyo Japan 7

I could say I have lots of beautiful photos but I just can’t upload here at all because the connection is very slow. These photos make me happy. Someday I will print one of these and hang it on our wall.

Autumn Tokyo Japan 8

Shinjuku near the Tokyo Metropolitan Building – Autumn in Tokyo

I met my Filipino-Japanese friends in Tokyo and we went to Tokyo Metropolitan Building. Found a Gingko tree to hug.

Autumn Tokyo Japan 9

hugging a gingko tree

Ueno Park – Autumn in Tokyo

I went to Ueno Park alone just killing time. There are lots of things to do here but I got tired of walking around.

ueno park

ueno park

Definitely, Japan is my favorite country to visit and I keep on coming back again and again! I am hoping to find another cheap ticket to Japan. For now, I need to save money as I’ve been to five countries this year. Soon I will blog about the other countries I’ve been to.

Hope you love the photos as much as I do! 😀

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