Budget Japan Travel Itinerary 14 Days with 500 Dollars On Hand

No More Travel Funds for Japan Travel Itinerary 14 Days

Budget Japan Travel Itinerary 14 Days has been the first and most ambitious trip that I ever had. If you were aware of my previous post about what happened to my father, my travel fund for Japan was already wiped out. There was hesitation on my part if I should pursue this trip or not. Somehow, my former Canadian client understood my situation and sent $500 to my PayPal account. I challenged myself to travel solo on a low budget of just $500 or PHP 20,000.

7 days in Tokyo, 5 days in Osaka with my Japanese family, and 2 nights stranded at Narita airport.

Budget Japan Travel Itinerary 14 Days with 500 Dollars On Hand

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japan total expenses may june 2015

Total expenses for my 14 days trip in Japan cost me less than PhP30,000 including airfare, travel tax, terminal fee, and Japan visa. More detailed explanation if you keep on reading. Find out the things to do in Tokyo.

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japan expenses tokyo yokohama 2015

The photo above shows how I spent the $500 or PhP20,000 given to me by my former client. Everything was spent in Tokyo and Narita airport (got stranded for 2 nights).

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Tip #1 – Japan Travel Itinerary 14 Days

Buy baggage fees in advance.

Tip #2

Do not buy baggage if not shopping.

Tip #3

The terminal fee at PhP750

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Tip #4

With my Philippine Peso, it is best to exchange it for Japanese Yen at Narita airport because it has a bigger value compared to the one I exchanged money for in Shibuya. It was a big loss.

Tip #5

Get a Suica card the moment you arrived at the airport loaded with at least JPY 1000 + JPY 500 deposit fee.

Tip #6 – Japan Travel Itinerary 14 Days

Book Willer Bus ahead of time because it’s cheaper.

Tip #7

Do not ever ride a taxi.

Tip #8

Book accommodation in advance for cheaper deals.

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Tip #9

If stranded in Tokyo, find a 24-hour McDonald’s to stay for a night.

Tip #10

Spend lesser on food buying from 7-11 but splurging on Japanese food is not really a problem.

Activities in Tokyo – Japan Travel Itinerary 14 Days

You can see that I didn’t spend much during my DIY tour or Do-It-Yourself tour in Japan because there are several things to do that are free in Tokyo.

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tokyo free activities

Tip #11

Download Tokyo Subway on your smartphone

Tip #12

Get a Tokyo Guidemap, it’s a must and it will save you ass and time.

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Activities in 5 Cities – Japan Travel Itinerary 14 Days

In Osaka, I stayed there for 5 days with my Japanese family and they showed me around Osaka, Kyoto, Kuwana, and Nara. In Yokohama, I met this Japanese guy in the club of Roppongi who was very nice to me and invited me for a day trip to his hometown. Will blog more about this in separate articles.

japan activities

Tip #13

Be friendly with the locals, who knows they can give you a free tour.

Tip #14

Rent a bike in Japan if you got the chance, I find it least expensive than using a train. I haven’t tried it yet but I will do it on my next trip, especially in Kyoto.

That’s it. I’m just glad I am now able to create this blog post because this has been long overdue.

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Special Thanks

To the Kitagawa family who made this Japan trip unexpectedly incredible, to Hide for showing me in Yokohama, to my former Canadian client who was understanding of the situation, and to all the people I’ve met from different parts of the world for looking after me. 😀

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