Taiwan Cherry Blossoms at Yangmingshan National Park 2017

taiwan cherry blossomsLast April 2017, I got the chance to visit Taiwan the third time around during the spring season. This is to experience Taiwan Cherry Blossom at Yangmingshan National Park. I never thought that I had the best time to visit Taiwan during the cherry blossom season in Taipei. Out of the blue, I just booked a flight one week before the trip. The ticket cost PHP5,000++ round trip ticket for a 7-day trip. My friend who is working in Taiwan convinced me to go back. Of course, I got excited to see the sakura or cherry blossoms for real and in full bloom. I did my research where to spot cherry blossoms in Taipei and found out about Yangmingshan National Park.

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How to get to Yangmingshan National Park?

  • From Taipei Main Station, I took the Taipei Metro straight to Beitou MRT station using the red line.
  • From Beitou MRT station exit, you can take the S9 bus to Yangming Park, Yangmingshan bus stop, Headquarters Visitor Center, Yangmingshuwu, and Zhuzihu.
  • or from Beitou MRT station exit, you can take the S230 bus to Yangmingshan bus stop.

With the help of iVideo Pocket Wifi, I was able to get around safely and navigate to the place I wanted to go.

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Taiwan Cherry Blossoms at Yangmingshan National Park

The moment I arrived at Yangmingshan bus stop, I saw the sakura trees already and got excited to take photos. To be honest, I wasn’t able to get around to the park because it’s a huge area. But seeing the cherry blossoms just right at the entrance fee is mission accomplished for me already. For me, Yangmingshan is the best place to see cherry blossom in Taiwan. Although my friends say that Japan sakura is better but witnessing Taiwan Sakura is an achievement.

But then, I was not yet satisfied. I still looked for rows of cherry blossoms. Getting around gave me a zen feeling to me as it was peaceful and quiet. I saw some Taiwanese people doing Tai Chi. Gosh, watching them made me feel so envious. Also, a family just spending their time at the park having their picnic.

Then suddenly, I found the best spot full of cherry blossoms. I felt like a little girl when I saw the sakura tree. There were no people around so I could have the cherry blossoms all by myself and take a lot of pictures. Also, find out 5 of the Best Romantic Places to Propose Marriage in Taipei, Taiwan.

Actually, I could be sneaky if I really wanted to pick the sakura flower in Taiwan but I decided not to. I just enjoyed everything through my eyes and camera lens. For more than an hour, I just stayed and seat there. Some people saw my spot but I decided not to leave until the sun started to go down. It was one of the best experience, the sakura season.

Seating new the cherry blossoms made me feel so happy and meditate for a while. I just enjoyed the color pink tree in front of me. Taiwan is a cheap alternative to Japan and South Korea if you want to see the cherry blossoms. I bet, there’s a lot of people visiting those sakura tree viewing areas. I was just lucky that I enjoyed the view with fewer people.

Look at the photo below. I don’t know what kind of bird is this but I got this one lucky shot using my Nikon D5100 using 50mm F1.8 G lens. If you’re searching for where to see cherry blossom in Taiwan, then Yang ming shan is the place to be.bird on a sakura tree


Video below is a photo collection or compilation of the  Yangmingshan Cherry Blossom in Taipei. The video is kind of therapeutic for me.

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