iVideo Pocket Wifi – A Filipina Digital Nomad Experience in Taiwan

Taiwan is my second favorite country next to Japan. On my third time in Taiwan, it was the time I saw the cherry blossoms. I need to document my experience there in partnership with iVideo Pocket Wifi in Taiwan. Never in my life, I used a pocket wifi from my travels out of the country because most of the time I only stayed for few days. The first thing I did with the pocket wifi was to pick it up Taoyuan International Airport. Eventually, I sent a message to my host that I was on my way to Taipei Main Station.

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About iVideo Pocket Wifi

iVideo is a company in Taiwan and they have four stores located at Taipower Building, Ximen, Taipei Main Station and Taipei Songshan Airport Store. I was able to visit their stores at Taipower Building and Ximen.

As a Filipina Digital Nomad in Taipei

Although there is a wifi connection at my friend’s place at Da’an District, I still love to go out and bring my laptop anywhere. I was working in between while getting from one place to another.

Redeem iVideo’s Latest Promo Code

The promo code is valid until 12 Jul. 2017. Join iVideo’s latest coupon code to redeem $3 for Pocket WiFi rental!


Step1: Register as a member

Step2: Enter Promo Code

‚ÄĽPromo codes can only be redeemed once and can only be applied to pocket wifi rentals

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How to Rent iVideo Pocket Wifi Online?

Step 1: Register as a Member

Please fill up your name, your passport # and other details needed. For reference, please fill out my email address ([email protected]), a discount will be given. After completing the details, a prompt will tell you that you have successfully registered. Please follow pictures below.

step 1 ivideo

step2 ivideo

Step 2: Click Rent Mobile Wifi now and Choose your Option

Please note that the photo below was filled as South Korea during my attempt of going there but failed. But yes, you can use iVideo Pocket Wifi in South Korea, Japan, and other countries.

step3 ivideo

Step 3: Fill out the Entire Process

While filling out the entire process, you need to provide your credit card as the payment method.

step4 ivideo

step5 ivideo

step6 ivideo

Step 4: Pick up your device on your selected pick-up location

For pick-up location, make sure to select the address near you when you arrive at the airport. I picked up the device in Taiwan at Taoyuan International Airport –¬†HighLife Dayuan Terminal Store B1 of Terminal 1 (South Part of Bus station).

Step 5: Return the device to your selected pick-up location

Returning the device is so easy as you only need to return the device to the place where you picked it up if you are returning to your home country from the same airport. Just fill out the form for returning the packaging. Make sure not to lose anything.

Overall Experience of iVideo Pocket Wifi

The satisfaction rating of my use of the iVideo Pocket Wifi is rated 10 out of 10 as I was able to use it the whole day. The device I used was the Taiwan CHT 4G Unlimited Internet Access which also works as 7800mAh Mobile power bank. It has high-speed LTE which connects up to eight devices. It has a maximum working time of 54 hours. The Facebook Live Video even worked which it was also the first time to use such service on Facebook.

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