How to Buy a Prepaid SIM Card in Taipei?

how to buy a prepaid sim card in taipei

When I decided to extend my stay in Taiwan, I knew that I needed to buy a prepaid SIM card in Taipei. I asked my friend how to get one. We went to Syntrend Mall in Taipei. I needed the cheapest SIM card available.

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Three Major Cell Companies in Taiwan

The three major cell companies in Taiwan are FarEastone, Chunghwa,¬†and Taiwan Mobile. I’ve used FarEastone sim card during my almost two months stay around Taiwan. Bought the SIM card for around NTD300 to NTD350. I really forgot the exact price but with the said amount, it was a good deal.

How to Buy a Prepaid SIM Card in Taipei with FarEastone?

  • Make sure you are bringing an open line 3G or 4G phone. I’m using an Oppo phone with a 3G capability and it’s a dual sim phone.
  • Two (2) identification cards especially your passport and other government ID’s back home for the registration of the new local number.
  • Ask a friend’s local number in Taipei as a guarantor. I forgot the exact reason but I think this is for security purposes since I was just a tourist. It would be easier if you’re a student in Taiwan or a worker because it is easy to give a proof with your student ID or Alien Registration Certificate (ARC).
  • Choose a plan. So I chose the affordable consumable plan of NTD300 or NTD350 which is good for two months. I forgot if it was 1 GB or 2.2 GB of data. Better ask options of what you really need.
  • You need to sign various forms. I did it digitally using the touch screen and it was amazing.
  • Hand over the money for payment.
  • DONE

After installing the local SIM card on your phone, you are good to go. As long as I have a local number, my friend can call me locally if I don’t have Wi-Fi around. It’s the security in case of emergency.

If you need a pocket Wi-Fi, you can avail the iVideo Pocket Wi-Fi.

How to Top Up?

Just go to any convenience store if it’s used up already. Make sure to bring your passport, remember your phone number or best to bring the registration number of the agreement you signed. Make it all handy wherever you go.¬†Mostly, I used my mobile internet connection when needed. But it has a great advantage of owning a SIM card as you will need a mobile number to register in using the public Wi-Fi.

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