I Run Out of Money While Traveling – Here’s How to Survive

Who would have thought that I run out of money while traveling? So far, it was a scary experience I have encountered. I was unprepared when I moved out in January 2017. Since then, a lot has changed. Unlike before when I was able to save money for 100K PHP and traveled to five countries. Everything was planned. But moving out was a different story. I was heartbroken. Another heartbroken moment when I failed a South Korea visa so I decided to go anywhere I want to.

i run out of money while traveling

Run Out of Money While Traveling – first, it happened in Manila

Google Adsense Earning

If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve read that my First Google Adsense Earning really saved me as I was able to pay some bills in Manila. Read more of the story here.


In my two weeks in Manila, I was able to save on accommodation which I paid P350 for a condominium good for another week of stay. You can read my story here.

Why did I not stay longer in Manila?

I was looking for ways on how to extend my stay in Manila but it was difficult. Could not think of any ideas. Manila was stressful and I kept on thinking how to stretch out my money during my stay there. But it never happened as I needed to get out of Manila.

Run Out of Money While Traveling – 26 Days in Taiwan

How I still managed to go to Taiwan when in fact I was running out of money while traveling? Earlier, I said I need to get out of Manila but the cheapest airfare I found was a trip back to Taiwan for around PHP3,000++. That’s a round-trip ticket already.

Thanks to my Japan visa as I am always visa-free travel to Taiwan and to our local airlines who are offering affordable airfare tickets. So here’s I survived Taiwan in 26 Days for PHP 8,000.

Couchsurfing – always a savior

As soon as I got back from Taiwan to Manila, I eventually looked for a host and found a good host in Makati. I stayed for three nights.

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Staying Long Term in Palawan

Until this day, I never thought I am staying longer in Palawan. But I wouldn’t make it without my friends.

Asking Help from Friends

I have to be honest that I really asked help from friends. A friend lets me stay with her for a month here in Puerto Princesa. Some friends offered to borrow me money. A friend in Manila sent money to my bank account. I tried my best not to borrow a huge amount of money and learn to be on the budget. Again, thanks to my friends for helping me out.

Anyway, I got an invitation for a week trip to Port Barton

Volunteer Work in Palawan

For two months, I was able to do volunteer work in a hostel. While doing volunteer work, a client sent me a message to do content editing job for him. Somehow, I was able to save money. I am still looking for a full-time job though.

Got my Passport Renewed

It’s also one of the reasons why I’m staying longer in Palawan because of passport renewal in Puerto Princesa. A friend from Israel sent me $100. It was surprising he sent me that amount but somehow it helped me on my budget.


Running out of money while traveling is not fun. It was really stressful actually. Some friends on Facebook think I am having a cool life. But I think Palawan is a good place to stay away from stress. Anyway, I’ll stay here longer in Palawan and find ways to get online jobs and part-time jobs.

Anyway, check out my Palawan archives!

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