Getting Japan Tourist Visa in the Philippines without Income Tax Return

Here it is, sharing to you how to get a Japan tourist visa without Income Tax Return. After my Hong Kong trip last October 2014, I found a cheap flight to Japan and booked a flight right away. I wasn’t even sure if I could get a visa but I was really hopeful. This was part of my Plan B if Plan A was a failure. No, I don’t want to tell what Plan A was.

getting japan tourist visa without income tax return

How to Get a Japan Tourist Visa without Income Tax Return?

In 2015, I tried my luck to get a Japan visa without ITR or without income tax return just because I am not working for any company in the Philippines. It was also the time I was active doing volunteer work in a non-profit organization.

I booked a flight for May 2015 trip in Tokyo, Japan and told myself I still have the chance to save money. I did some research on where to go and what requirements do I need to prepare.

March 2015 came and I was really nervous. A lot of people telling me that the Embassy of Japan is not really that strict anymore as they are inviting a lot of tourists for the upcoming Olympics in 2020. I still need to gather documents just to get the visa.

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Requirements for Getting Japan tourist visa without Income Tax Return

I applied for a Tourist Visa and these are the documents that I submitted:

  1. Philippine passport
  2. Visa application form
  3. Photo 4.5×4.5 cm or 2×2 inch with white background
  4. Original NSO Birth Certificate
  5. Original Local Birth Certificate
  6. Daily Schedule in Japan
  7. Original bank certificate(s)
  8. Credit card bank statement
  9. Confirmed plane ticket
  10. Certifications of being involved in Non-Profit Organizations
  11. Letter of Explanation

I don’t have any Income Tax Return to show but I submitted certifications of being involved in non-profit organizations and a letter of explanation. The letter of explanation, I explained my interests of going to Japan of being so fond of anime, fashion, and its culture. I also explained why I don’t have ITR to show and I told them how active I am as a volunteer, which is traveling with a purpose.

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I went to Friendship Tours here in Cebu and the handling fee is P1,200. It will take 5-7 business days for the visa. The next week after my application, I got an SMS notification from the accredited agency that my passport was ready for pick-up. This will be my first solo backpacking in a visa-required country.

Helpful links:

Requirements for Japan Tourist Visa:

Friendship Manila (accredited agency):

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Japan Visa List of Accredited Agencies

  • UHI – Universal Holidays Inc.
  • Discovery Tour Inc.
  • Rajah Travel Corporation
  • Reli Tours & Travel Agency
  • Attic Tours Phils., Inc.
  • Friendship Tours and Resorts Corporation
  • Pan Pacific Travel Corporation

Source: Embassy of Japan in the Philippines

Frequent Asked Questions

How many days the do visa get approved?

It’s usually 5-7 business days. A reader named JB applied for a tourist visa at Reli Tours on January 12, 2016, and got a text from the travel agency on January 15 that his passport was available for pick-up.

What are the rules when it comes to bank certificate?

Bank certificates usually show the total balance + average daily balance of your account for the past 6 months. If you want your bank history to look credible, I suggest to establish first your account and maintain a sufficient amount for a long time. – mrsbisinyo

How much money should I have inside my bank?

During my first application, I showed PhP 90,000 (savings account and time deposits). During my second application, I showed PhP 60,000 (savings account and certificate of stock investment). At least you have to show PHP 50,000  in your bank account and it depends on the activities you can do in Japan.

What are the Guidelines for Writing a Letter of Explanation?

I created a separate blog post on How I Wrote my Letter of Explanation for Japan Tourist Visa.

What if a friend, a family or a boyfriend will shoulder my expenses in Japan?

The Embassy of Japan in the Philippines provided a link for the – Visa Section Information so please check the link.

I am a student, what requirements should I submit?

If you are a student and your parents will shoulder your trip, you need to show bank certificates, Income of Tax Return of your parents and letter of explanation about your purpose of the trip, a copy of study load and school ID as a proof that you are a student.

How to Prepare for your First Solo Trip in Japan?

I created a separate blog about this and you can read this at – Preparation for your First Solo Trip in Japan.

What is your budget for Japan trip? – Japan Visa Without ITR

As a budget traveler, my cash on hand was US$500 or PhP20,000. Find out more how I did it at – Budget Travel: 14 Days Japan with US$500 Cash on Hand.

How to Request Stock Certificate from COL Financial Philippines for Visa Application?

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