How to Save Money on Airbnb – A Week in Manila for PHP 350

How to Save Money on Airbnb? A week in Manila for PHP 350

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Nobody knew how I struggled in Manila for almost two weeks with less money during the last few days of April and early May. Just imagine, I was in Taiwan for the spring season for 25 days in April 2017 (April 2 to April 27, 2017). I actually ditched my return flight to Cebu on April 9, 2017, and decided to extend in Taipei. Luckily, I found a cheap flight to Manila for PHP 1900. I booked the cheapest accommodation for PHP 150 per day in Manila. I thought it was worth it but the experience was not. The host was getting rude but I stayed for almost a week.

I was desperate to find another place in Manila. No idea what was my plan back then. Should I stay in Manila or go back to Cebu? But the flight to Cebu was really expensive. Should I go to Baguio and enjoy the cold weather there just like what I did in Taiwan?

I had a plan on going back to Taiwan for May 2017. Received a message from the hostel in Taitung, Taiwan for a volunteer work. Should I go back or not? That was the question.

While I was in Taiwan back in April 2017, I got an email from Google Adsense that I was about to claim my first $100 Google Adsense Income with iTravelRox. Just imagine, how it saved me?

So, I looked for another cheap flight to Taiwan. It was a round trip actually for PHP 3,500 and good for 26 days in Taiwan until June 2017.

Checking out on How to Save Money on Airbnb

As a traveler, you will find yourself signing up on different sites for your accommodation. I logged into Airbnb to find a cheap accommodation where I could stay comfortably with an aircon good for a week before my flight to Taiwan. Suddenly, I remember that I had Airbnb credits which I could use for my next booking through Airbnb.

Through its referral link, it helped me to gain Airbnb credits. The biggest credit that I got was when I set up an Airbnb account for a hostel in Siquijor.

While I was still on my cheap hostel in Paranaque, I was trying to calculate my expenses if I could still survive Manila before a trip to Taiwan. I found a condominium in Central Manila with two beds with aircon and I ended up paying for only PHP 350 or $7 for one week.

The Payment Breakdown

7 Nights in Manila

$13 x 7 nights = $91

10% weekly price discount is -$13

Service fee is $9

Coupon or Airbnb credits -$80

and yes, I only paid $7 for another week in Manila


Do not forget to register on Airbnb using this referral link with $30 off with your first rental.

Booking for a week will give you a weekly discount.

Use your coupon or Airbnb credits wisely.

Learn how to save money on Airbnb.

What’s your experience with Airbnb? How Airbnb saved you money from your long-term trips?

How I Saved Money on Airbnb 350 in manila


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