Tips to Get an Approved Visa Without a Sponsor as a Filipino Traveler

Sharing to you a blog post about tips to get an approved visa without a sponsor as a Filipino traveler. As someone who wasn’t born rich with a third-world passport, I know the pains of getting a visa. Especially when you are denied. It’s very sad to learn that traveling is for the privilege only.

tips to get an approved visa without a sponsor as a filipino traveler

Personally, I have failed to get a visa from the first world countries. As someone who works online as a freelancer, it was difficult at first. Since I am not working for any company from my home country. Although it was a sponsored visa from a previous client.

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Tips to Get an Approved Visa Without a Sponsor

I’ve been denied for both Canada visa and South Korea visa in the past. It was so disheartening, especially with South Korea. Now, I learned my lesson about what went wrong. Since then, I never booked a flight to South Korea. But I got lucky for Japan’s visa and got Japan multiple-entry visa without a sponsor.

But how about a Schengen visa? There are several countries you can apply for a Schengen visa. The good thing about getting a Schengen visa is that you don’t need to go for an interview. You need to go through VFS, a visa application center where you can submit your documents. Canada Visa is handled by VFS. South Korea visa is handled by accredited travel agencies and so is Japan visa. While the US visa, you need to go to the US Embassy to process with an interview with a consul. Make sure to do a lot of research on getting a visa in each country.

Submit Authentic and Genuine Documents

Check all the requirements that are needed and make sure you accomplish everything. It’s better to be extra with your documents. Personally, I added NBI Clearance, PSA Birth Certificate and PSA Certificate of No Marriage.

With my current passport, I also have Japan visa multiple-entry that goes to show that you will travel to Japan in the future. I also included my old passport with all the old visas and stamps in it to show that I am well-traveled.

Real Purpose of Your Entry

Since I applied without a sponsor, I applied for a short stay visa or tourist visa. The good number of days to stay to write in your cover letter should be 7-10 days to justify the sufficient funds to support your travel.

Sufficient Funds to Support Your Travel

All Filipinos must have bank accounts, to teach themselves to have a savings account. As a woman, make yourself strong and independent that we can financially sustain ourselves especially if you declare yourself as unemployed.

As someone who is working freelance, I showed my bank accounts and COL Financial stock market investment.

Strong Ties Back to your Home Country

Here are the examples of ‘strong ties’ to convince the embassy:

  • For employed, you need to provide leave of absence and/or certificate of employment and income tax return
  • A letter of explanation why you should not overstay
  • For self-employed, please provide the Department of Trade and Industry business registration and other business meetings and company event in the future, SSS or social security monthly contributions and income tax return
  • Proof of possession of your properties like real estate, cars, a land title under your name (also applicable for retirees and unemployed person)
  • For students, you need to show school enrollment certificate, approved leave of absence, a letter of explanation from your parents and legal guardians why you should not overstay

List of Requirements for Schengen Visa via the Netherlands without a Sponsor | Tips to get an Approved Visa Without a Sponsor

This is a checklist provided by VFS Global for the Kingdom of Netherlands. You need to print this PDF file, can be found here. The good thing about the Netherlands is that you can submit a copy and keep the original documents with you. Make sure to bring both as they need to see your files for verification.

  • Schengen visa application form – completed and signed
  • Travel documents – your current passport + copy of all pages of your passport
  • Old passport + copy of all pages of your passport including old visas and new visas (if applicable)
  • PSA Birth Certificate and Certificate of No Marriage (If you’re traveling as single, not married)
  • NBI Clearance
  • Passport Photo 35 mm x 45 mm (taken within 6 months)
  • Proof of financial means: (a) bank certification, (b) bank books, (c) personal bank statements, (d) credit card statements, (e) investments like COL Financial stock market and VUL insurance
  • Proof of travel: (a) roundtrip airline reservation, (b) hotel accommodation or voucher as proof of accommodation, (c) detailed day-to-day itinerary
  • Your proof of will to return: (a) copy of employment contract, (b) SSS or social security contributions, (c) copy of real estate property (title/deeds), (d) proof of family ties in the Philippines (marriage certificate)
  • Proof of occupation: as a freelancer who works online I submitted the following (a) certificate of employment, (b) certificate of leave absence, (c) Department of Trade and Industry registration of the business, (d) Income Tax Return form, (e) PayPal payslips
  • Proof of health insurance: I highly recommend Standard Insurance
  • Payment of the visa fee
  • Cover letter or letter of explanation why are you interested to travel to this certain country, it’s your chance to explain
  • Lastly, good luck and wait for your visa

Again, check the complete list of requirements for the Netherlands —> here.

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Common Reasons Why You Get Denied a Visa

  • Insufficient funds
  • Poor travel history
  • No strong ties back to your home country
  • Invalid travel insurance
  • Poor visa interview and inconsistencies
  • Incomplete application form
  • Weak ties to your sponsor
  • Fake documents
  • No income tax return to show (depends on the country you want to visit)

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Frequently Ask Questions | Tips to Get an Approved Visa Without a Sponsor

Is having a sponsor a sure way to get approved a visa?

Having a sponsor is not the surest way guarantee to get an approved visa as you also need to show to the embassy that you can support yourself for the trip and that you have reasons to return to your home country.

Your sponsor also needs to show any proof that he or she can sustain your expenses as a visitor.

I have a kid from a previous relationship and my European boyfriend is my sponsor, is having a kid a proof of having strong ties to the Philippines?

Using your kid as having strong ties to the Philippines is not really a guarantee to get a Schengen visa as the embassy would think you go to Europe to work and let your relatives look after your kid.

How much money should I have in my bank account?

At least PHP 100,000 in your bank account is good for a few day’s vacation of a visa country.

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My bank account is new, should I borrow money from friends and deposit it in my account?

Your bank must be 3-6 months old. For bank transactions, there should be withdrawal and deposit activities, meaning you use it regularly and not just depositing a huge amount of money for the visa application.

Is having an Income Tax Return really important?

When I applied for a Japan visa, I submitted my requirements without income tax return and I just wrote a letter of explanation why I don’t have one. Japan is very relaxed as it is expecting visitors to the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

While South Korea has strict rules so you are required to show an income tax return, meaning you are employed, you come and visit South Korea as a tourist and not looking for work.

Well, how much more for Schengen, UK and US visas? For sure they are more strict.

Any more questions? Make sure to leave your comments down below so that I can update the FAQ area. If you have other tips to share, please feel free to put in the comment box.

I am not an expert. This blog post is just a guide for you. I got this information from friends who got their Schengen, UK, and US visas without a sponsor and apply for a tourist visa. I am writing this post about getting a visa without a sponsor.

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