How to Request Stock Certificate from COL Financial Philippines for Visa Application?

How to Request Stock Certificate from COL Financial Philippines?

Several people asked me, “How to request stock certificate from COL Financial Philippines?” Stock Certificate is one of the additional requirements I have to submit for visa application especially when I got my Japan visa without income tax return together with the letter of explanation.

Take note: This is only for people who have COL Financial account online and an active investor.

Log in to COL Financial Philippines Website


  • Click HOME, under HOME, click SERVICE INQUIRY. Scroll down and you will see Stock Certificate Handling/Inquiry.


  • Please direct all stock certificate instructions or inquiries to: [email protected] or call 636-5411 to 24 loc 162

Email to COL Financial with the email address provided

  • I sent an email to COL Financial requesting for a stock certificate. They responded with an attachment that I need to download, print and fill up necessary information.

  • This is how my request form looks like. You need to scan your form or take a snapshot from your phone. Make sure everything is clear on taking a photo. Compose a message for the request. You will get an email with a response that your request for certification was sent through courier. A tracking number will be provided. It depends on the time and day you sent an email, you may get a response on the next business day.

How much is the processing fee?

  • The processing fee is PHP 100. Since I am from  Cebu, the delivery method must be Mail Courier to be sent to my home address. Always attach an original copy of your stock certificate to Japan Embassy.

I hope this blog post helps how to get one. Glad to be of help.

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