Funny Tinder Stories While Traveling: Meeting 2 Matches in One Hostel

Back in October 2017, exactly two years ago. I had this one of my funny tinder stories while traveling. I never expected this to happen. Well, I was on my laptop working. Bored, I opened my Tinder app.

funny tinder stories while traveling

How I Matched with Tinder Guy #1?

As usual, I just swiped left and right. I got several matches as well and a conversation popped up.

Tinder Match #1 says, “I am staying here at *name of the hostel*

Shocked! My initial reaction when I got the message. We were actually staying in the same hostel.

“Are you inside the room? Are we in the same room? Our beds just next to each other? Are you on the right side? Get out of the room, I’m here at the restaurant.”

I remember when a guy greeted me that morning so I just smiled back. And I looked on his photo of his bio again to see if it was the same person then suddenly he got out of the room and said, “This is crazy!”

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Actually, he already sent his Facebook profile to me so I got the chance to check on it. I blurted out with laughter, “We have one common friend on Facebook.”

So he started to tell me the story about him and this common friend we have on Facebook. And I said, “What a small world!”

It was his first few days in Palawan so we decided to have dinner and ice cream outside. It was funny how this Tinder matches turned out.

And here’s another scene…

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And I Matched with Tinder Guy #2 | Funny Tinder Stories While Traveling

Tinder Match #1 introduced me to another traveler in the hostel. This guy started to introduce himself.

“Nice to meet you too…” and we started a little conversation.

Suddenly, he interrupted, “Wait, I recognize you!” He opened his Tinder app with my profile photo on it. “SUPER LIKE!”

“Uh oh, which room are you staying?” Shocked by the situation again in just one day.

Tinder Match #2 Super Liker said, “In the same room as you!”

“Are you on my left side?” I asked.

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Tinder Match #1 and #2 both laughed with the situation. And that time, they became friends. We were in the same room. That was the first time I matched with two guys on Tinder in the same hostel and in the same room.

Well, there was no love connection for both matches as these guys were younger than me. But I hung out with the first guy that I matched since we have common friend on Facebook.

Do you have any funny tinder stories while traveling? You can share your stories below.

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