Part 2: The Revenge Story of How Can a Poor Filipina Afford to Travel

I really don’t know how to write this but this is the continuation of this blog post. Yes, this is how the revenge story went.

the revenge story how can a poor filipina afford to travel

The Beginning

To start, the Dutch guy was nice to me and to everyone as he arrived in the hostel. He said hi to me and I responded with a smile. We started a conversation with the usual ‘where are you from’ and ‘which countries have you been to?’ It was evening so the Italian guy asked me what was my plan. He invited me for dinner together with the two German guys. The Dutch guy asked to wait for him. The four of us went to Shinjuku Golden Gai.

When he learned I was from the Philippines, he was so fond of talking to me. We had something in common to talk about, the Philippines – Palawan, Cebu, Siquijor and his other adventures around the country.

I was the only girl in the group and we had fun looking for food at Shinjuku Golden Gai. Just finding a table, had a good laugh, and shared a table with a Japanese couple.

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The Discreet Flirting

That night, I was occupied talking to the Dutch guy. And suddenly, he made a discreet flirting.

“Roxanne, do I smell good?” While he was referring to the collar of his long sleeves shirt.

“Yes, you smell good.” I smelled him with no malice. Moved back right away and just continued talking and laughing without being awkward.

“Do you know any place for a nightlife?”

Well, I was waiting for the Italian and German guys if they go for a nightlife but they decided to cancel and head back to the hostel as they were planning for a trip to Mount Fuji. So I ended up being a tour guide for a night. My plan that time was to go to Tokyo Tower and take photos since Roppongi was just near to the club I went to. I was thinking to leave him there at the club.

Bumped a Celebrity

As you know me, I am the usual talkative person so I have so many things to talk about. It wasn’t boring while we were on the train although some questions asked of me were annoying.

“Will you be my wing girl?” He asked me suddenly while we were inside the train.

I had no idea what it was at first but he told me that I would introduce him to other girls inside the club.

“Excuse me? I’m a girl. I have my own life and I can flirt with other guys if I want to.” While I was rolling my eyes in disbelief at the idea to be a wing girl.

From the train station of Roppongi, we were on our way to the club when we bumped a celebrity, Draco Malfoy, a.k.a Tom Felton.

Seeing Tom Felton was a good distraction from stopping about the conversation and found out we were both Harry Potter fans.

Some Tips He Gave Me

“You know what? It’s easy for you as a girl to flirt and let the guys buy you drinks.”

“But I don’t drink. Water is fine for me.” I said with conviction because I don’t like to drink and flirting was not my game.

He gave me examples of how girls flirt to get drinks from the guys. Listening to what he was saying made me cringe. I am always careful as a solo traveler that’s why I dislike drinking.

While Inside the Club

His phone was dying and he relied too much on his phone for navigation as a first timer in the city of Tokyo. Me, on the other hand, knows how to get around in Tokyo using a map. So we had our briefing to look at each other’s back.

Everyone started dancing and I wanted to join in the fun. He told me he saw this girl with his friends so I tried to be a wing girl once. When he started talking with the chick, I went to the dance floor. Some Japanese guys started hitting on me and I kept on saying no.

One Japanese guy was like, “Can I take you home?”

I moved away from feeling creeped out and looked for the Dutch guy. There he was standing froze, checking on which girls to target to flirt around. So I came near him to check him out.

“You know what? You’re such a loser. Last night, the Italian guy was flirting and kissing with several girls.” Remembering the moment was funny but glad that the German guy was my bodyguard the other night.

“Come on, let’s dance!” I grabbed him by the hand. He was 6 foot tall so I had trouble just looking at him. There he was looking away from me while smiling, bet too shy to look at me. He grabbed me by the waist and lifted me up. I smiled, laughed but I felt awkward. He put me down and moved away from him.

Lost Sight of Him and Talked to Someone Else

Went back to the dance floor and met a nice Japanese guy. He started talking to me in Japanese but I said I only speak English. He thought I was Japanese and told him I’m from the Philippines.

The Japanese guy had been to the Philippines during the typhoon Yolanda and told me about his life working in the navy as he lives in Yokohama. So their ship went to Leyte to help the relief operation.

We exchanged Facebook accounts and added each other. I went dancing with the Japanese guy and lost sight of the Dutch guy. I was thinking he was enjoying his night already so I must enjoy the night as well. The Japanese guy and I went to the bar and grabbed some drink. I went for a juice. That’s when I realized what the Dutch guy told me earlier, get free drinks with any guys.

All night I was just dancing with this Japanese guy from Yokohama until he asked me to go out of the club to rest our deafening ears from loud music.

He hailed a taxi to go somewhere else but I never liked the idea of going with him somewhere. I got an excuse that I left my bag in the locker which was true. And I was with a buddy from my hostel which I had to find the Dutch guy. Told him I needed to get my bag and see what would happen. Didn’t see the Dutch guy inside the club. I went out again and the Japanese guy left already. I never wanted to be rude because I wanted to say goodbye in a nice way before going back to my hostel. So, I walked to the train station.

Going Back to the Hostel

In my mind, maybe the Dutch guy was with a Japanese girl already. So no worries, he is a grown-up. While I walked downstairs to wait for a train at 5 AM, somebody called my attention. There he was, the Dutch guy, waiting for me.

“Where have you been?” He asked as if he was looking for me.

“Oh, there you are. Good, you found the train station. I thought you’re with a Japanese girl already?” I wasn’t answering his question.

“Well, six Japanese girls brought me here to the train station because my phone died. So where have you been?”

“While you’re busy with other girls, I was with a nice Japanese guy dancing with him all night.” I felt like I was competing with him who among us had the best night.

“So, you’re still up to get around Tokyo?” Me trying to change the topic.

“Yes, at 11 AM.”

Inside the train, we were just talking about how his night went and planned on what to do in Tokyo for the next few hours.

Tokyo Day Tour

Since it was his first day in Tokyo and I’ve got nothing to do that much, we decided to get around as planned. We went strolling in Shinjuku (having breakfast), Shibuya (Shibuya crossing, Hachiko Statue, Meiji Jingu, Takeshita Street, Harajuku) and Sumida (Tokyo Solomachi and Tokyo Skytree). We’ve done a lot of walking tours but most of the time we were just disagreeing on things.

How Can a Poor Filipina Afford to Travel?

“How can a poor Filipina afford to travel? You must be having a sugar daddy to let you travel.” I wasn’t sure how to react because I almost wanted to cancel my Japan trip because my father got sick. My pocket money for Japan went to my father’s medication and it was my former client who sent the money to push me on this trip.

In my mind, I should not explain myself to him. I became emotional, started to cry a little bit but fell silent. He noticed I wasn’t talking to him anymore as I was planning on how to leave him in Shinjuku and go somewhere else on my own.

Later on, he said sorry. Because I am such a nice person, I forgave him immediately as I don’t want to ruin my trip as well. Told him he owed me something to make me cry.

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Why Are You So Challenging?

We were hungry so we went to our next destination on Takeshita Street and found McDonald’s. That’s when I tried to annoy him dipping french fries on a sundae.

“That’s really disgusting.” He said as I just enjoyed eating the fries like a guy and I never cared if he got turned off.

“Why are you so challenging?” He asked me once again while I laughed and stared at him in the eyes.

At our next destination, we got on a train. He asked me the same question why I was so challenging. Telling me I was the type of girl who doesn’t care much about my look and never wears makeup. So I took it as a compliment.

“Why you don’t wear high heels? Why don’t you wear makeup? It’s very attractive for a girl to wear such.”

“I don’t need those stuff while traveling. I walk a lot, why should I wear high heels?”

“Are you a lesbian?” What a ridiculous question. I had no idea where the conversation would go to. I never thought I could meet the most annoying travel buddy in Japan.

He challenged me on a staring game so I complied. Since I have this strong personality, I loved staring someone in the eyes with anger. I won.

“Have you had sex with someone?” The questions were out of hand already.

“It’s none of your business and I will only do it with a boyfriend.” So got this feeling he was attracted to me but I never felt the same way. I got turned off by his attitude already.

You know, I was thinking why I was wasting my time with this guy in the first place. But I realized that there must be a reason and he needed to learn his lessons.

Things Got Worse

After our trip to Sumida especially on Tokyo Skytree, I told him that I needed to go back to the hostel to prepare for my trip to Osaka. But he delayed everything as he was flirting with Japanese teenage girls on our way back. Damn! I thought I was having enough time and got lost on my way to the bus station. How I missed my overnight bus is a different story.

While I was in Osaka, he kept on sending me messages on Facebook about how he missed me for I was such a funny person and can talk straight English. Told him I would be back in Tokyo after five days. He was looking forward to meeting me again in the same hostel. So I asked him if he could reserve one night stay for me on a specific date.

Unexpected: The Revenge Story

While we were exchanging messages, the Japanese guy from Yokohama popped up on FB message and asked me how I’ve been. He told me he was interested to see me again. He offered to shop me around in Shibuya which I politely declined because I don’t want a lot of stuff with me. I suggested that he showed me around Yokohama instead.

The Japanese guy promised me he would show me around the day I would arrive from Osaka as it was his day off from work. A decision I must need to make, should I go with the Dutch guy or with the Japanese guy? Since I had an annoying experience with the Dutch guy, I decided to spend that day with the guy from Yokohama. I created a separate blog post about how my Yokohama day tour went.

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While I was in Yokohama sipping iced coffee in a coffee shop with Wi-Fi, I opened my Facebook and got a message from the Dutch guy at 9 AM saying he was waiting for me and excited to see me again. Asked me about my whereabouts until I said I am in Yokohama with the Japanese guy. Well, I told the Dutch guy that the Japanese guy asked me out for a date. Guess, he got pissed at me telling him that.

The Japanese guy treated me nicely the whole day even though we had this language barrier. This is how should a gentleman treat a girl which something I never experienced from the Dutch guy.

What an Annoying Night

At 8 PM, it was a wrap. I took a train from Yokohama station to Shinjuku station then exchanged lane going to Akenobashi station. I arrived at my hostel at 9 PM. Paid the receptionist and asked for information on my bed. I went to the same dorm room and found out our bed was just next to each other of the Dutch guy.

He was sleeping. I woke him up. Asked how his day went. He said he was sleeping the whole day. Seriously? Poor him. He must have waited for me the whole day.

“How could you do this to me?” I don’t know if I should be mean and laughed. But in my mind, it was a revenge. All I knew is I had a good time with the Japanese guy and I never regretted anything.

So I went back to my bed, opened my laptop as I needed to check-in for my flight in the next two days. The Dutch guy woke up and mumbled about the lights of my laptop. He grabbed my laptop and hid it under his blanket.

I pinched him because I was too annoyed. He kept on distracting me when he could just sleep and hid under the blanket. He was getting into my nerves.

Not sure if I was able to check-in properly but I got so annoyed I decided to sleep.

Another Day to Annoy Each Other

I woke up in the morning getting ready and got to shower. As I was on my way to the elevator, the Dutch guy blocked me and went inside the elevator on his own. Damn. I was so annoyed that this guy needs another lesson. I tried to keep my cool.

Done with my shower and got myself fixed. Got a message from my American friend that he wanted to see me after his trip to Hakone. I decided to stay in the lobby of my hostel as it has Wi-Fi. Then the Dutch guy went down sat in front of me, not talking to me. I said it was fine, no worries. He went out so I was relieved that he would go somewhere on his own. He came back with food and just sat in front of me again. Now, I got confused. It seemed that he was waiting for me to approach him and invite him to go somewhere.

I Felt There Was Tension

So my American friend arrived in the lobby and planned where to go with our cameras since he is a photographer. But he needed to check-in to my hostel before we leave the premises.

In the corner of my eye, I knew that the Dutch guy was staring at us intensely. Not sure if my American friend noticed it but I decided to ignore it. Not sure what the Dutch guy was thinking. That time, I knew I was so annoyed of him so he deserved to be ignored.

Actually, I missed my flight from Tokyo to Cebu which I needed to write this on a separate blog about. I had no choice but to fly to Hong Kong.

While I was stranded at the airport, the Dutch guy sent me a message and annoyed me once again. He was laughing at me how I missed my flight from Tokyo to Cebu and told me I deserved this unfortunate event.

He got jealous of the American guy I was with and he was telling me that my friend was gay and accused me of being a lesbian. I laughed my ass off. Seriously, the Dutch guy got jealous that I was with two guys in two consecutive days and not with him.

Although it was unfortunate that I missed my flight, I told him that I would have a great time in Hong Kong as I found a host to let me stay for two nights and Filipino friends who would rescue me for the next two nights. I was telling him that I would have a great time in Hong Kong.

So the American Friend Confirmed

While I was on a beach in Hong Kong at midnight, I found a free Wi-Fi so my American friend called, asked me how I’ve been and told me about what happened in the hostel’s lobby about a certain guy staring at him from head to foot while eavesdropping on our conversation.

“So you knew him?” I laughed when he asked me about it.

“Yes, he was my travel buddy a week ago before my trip to Osaka,” I told him how I was so annoyed with the Dutch guy with our conversation and the accusation of being gay and lesbian. That was funny. Told him about my trip to Yokohama with the Japanese guy and what happened inside the club.

“Roxanne, you were such a tease the reason why he was like that,” he was smiling.

“No, I don’t know how to tease and it wasn’t my intention to tease anyone,” me denying of doing anything.

“I’m glad I took you away from him,” he smiled widely.

The Dutch Guy Annoyed Me Once Again

After few months, he sent me a message again and asked me how I’ve been. As always, I am nice.

Then he started to ask me, “Why you don’t like me?”

Told him this, “Ask yourself why I don’t like you. You’ve been a douchebag.”

Lessons Learned – The Revenge Story

  • Just go with the flow.
  • Learn to value yourself.
  • Don’t waste your time getting mad.
  • Don’t allow someone to ruin your trip.
  • Leave someone when it’s not worth it.
  • Don’t be afraid to speak out your mind.
  • Whatever unfortunate events you have, just smile and learn from it.

Anything you can add what you can learn in my story? Was I being mean during the entire trip? Let me know what do you think if you were in my situation. Don’t forget to follow my Japan Travel Series!

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6 thoughts on “Part 2: The Revenge Story of How Can a Poor Filipina Afford to Travel

  • Rox I don’t find the Dutch guy rude.he must be annoying but ur just too sensitive or meron ka lang expectations what gentleman shld be.From the things I can see he don’t know how to approach you so he kinda sought in annoying you
    Remember he needs a wing girl.

    I wonder what will u react if u meet a British guy it’s their nature to be superior.I met one and like you he’s more than the Dutch guy.Mas malala but then once I knew him and his culture.we became good friends.
    Don’t be hard with the Dutch guy give him benefit of the doubt first get to know him.

    Ate lyn

    • Hmmm, I met a lot of guys from different nationalities actually. Either With intentions or without intentions. Either plain friendship or flirting and the guys I told the story said to me he was a douche.

      Yes, I met a British guy on Malapascua island and met once again on Boracay island, good friends and I can’t sense any superiority. My problem is just it’s hard to understand the British English in convo. 😂

      The next Dutch guys I met were fine and nice to me.

      You just don’t know all the conversations we had with the Dutch guy which it was TMI to be written on the blog. 😂

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