My Tokyo Nightlife Roppongi Experience with Draco Malfoy

Japan gave me the best and memorable experience ever during my solo trip. I just had my Tokyo nightlife Roppongi experience. Roppongi is one of the places to be, just dancing the night away.

tokyo nightlife roppongi experience

I had a chat with a fellow solo traveler from Germany and we were just talking about the places he visited since he arrived earlier than me. Then an Italian guy was looking for somebody inside our room. Later on, he asked us about going out that night. Since we had no plans, dinner and nightlife would be great.

We took the subway from Akenobashi station, changing lanes until we reached Roppongi station. Got out and found the famous Roppongi crossing. Roppongi is a popular nightlife destination among locals and foreigners.

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The First Night of Tokyo Nightlife Roppongi

Japan: Tokyo 2015 But we need something to eat first before we head on to any club. This was the first authentic Japanese restaurant that I’ve been because I didn’t know how to order using a vending machine. It was really convenient to use. If you don’t know how to read or speak in Japanese or Nihongo, there is a picture of how the food looks like. I forgot to take the photo of the vending machine.

Japan: Tokyo 2015 After finishing our dinner, we head out and looked for any clubs which is friendly to foreigners. Just walking the streets of Roppongi and you will see the Tokyo Tower.

It was a Friday night so expect a lot of people if you want to experience the Roppongi nightlife. It was very busy so one of my guys that night asked two strangers where could be one of the best clubs in Roppongi. Perfect timing that they were going the same as well so they invited us to go with them while they have to wait for their other friends.

We went to an Irish pub for a drink. Since I am not used to drinking alcohol. I got myself some mango milkshake. We were just hopping from one bar to another. We ended up in a club and we had fun until 5 AM.







The Second Night of Tokyo Nightlife Roppongi

After my solo trip around Shibuya, Ginza, and Shinjuku, the same guys asked me to go out for dinner so we went to Shinjuku. Later on, one of the guys wanted to experience nightlife in Roppongi. I was planning to go back to Roppongi and walked from there to Tokyo Tower which I thought at first, was near but it wasn’t. So we decided to go to the club. If you want to experience the best nightlife in Tokyo, Roppongi is the place to be.

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Tokyo Nightlife Roppongi – A Surprise Meetup with Draco Malfoy a.k.a Tom Felton

While the Dutch guy and I were looking for a club, I suddenly recognized someone who looked familiar to me. Of course, I had a feeling that he was a celebrity. His face was familiar but I forgot his real name and I realized he was Draco Malfoy.

“Are you Draco Malfoy from Harry Potter?” Excitedly asked this guy while on the road.

“Yes I am,” Tom Felton answered.

“Can I have a selfie with you?” Deep inside was screaming like a fan.

I really wanted to take photos of him using my DSLR camera but he seemed so tired so I only got a selfie with my iPad. Fortunately, he entertained me to take some selfie with him. Later on, we saw several guys who went out of the club who were looking for him as they were Harry Potter fans. But the personal assistant told them that photos are not allowed anymore.

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Be a Responsible Drinker – Tokyo Nightlife Roppongi Experience

I never had this kind of nightlife experience in the Philippines because I have a different lifestyle at home especially when you lived with your parents. Being far away from the city and the nightlife is something okay for me. In my personal opinion, experiencing the nightlife in my late 20’s was something new to me. Fortunately, the guys I was with were very understandable and respectful that I don’t drink. In the end, they were my bodyguards in Roppongi.

You can also enjoy the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo.

Would you enjoy the Tokyo Nightlife Roppongi Experience with strangers? Share your experiences below.

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