Go to Boracay – Moving On from a Failed Winter Trip

How to Move On from a Failed Winter Trip?

It’s been a month since I posted my South Korea Visa Refusal. If you’ve been following my blog, you can tell how heartbroken I was. It was supposed to be a Post Valentine solo trip. Being single for more than three years, I had to be somewhere literally cold. Love life is as cold as ice. So this is how I moved on from a failed winter trip.

Ditch the Winter Clothes and Grab the Bikinis

Although I partly experience Spring because of this flower farm in Cebu, the Autumn experience in Japan and the summer all year round in the Philippines, I haven’t seen real snow yet. I asked help from my friends what footwear to wear for snow and if someone is willing to lend me their thick jackets. It is the second time I won’t experience real snow as I was denied for a Canada visa back in 2014.

Plan B – Go to Boracay

I was in Boracay back in May 2014 with friends. I wasn’t able to blog this yet, but I had good memories. So here’s a photo of me almost three years ago. Spot the difference on the next photo.

Here’s a picture of my recent trip. Thanks to my supportive friend for providing me bikinis for my Boracay trip, please follow @g.bikini on Instagram.

I booked a one-way ticket on February 14, 2017, as I could not wait to travel. All day I spent the time packing my bags and left the apartment at 3 PM. I arrived in Boracay at night.

Looking for hotels in Boracay? Check it out here.

Staying at Mad Monkey Hostel in Boracay

Luckily, I scored a 2-night stay at Mad Monkey Hostel Boracay. My goal was to go to a party since I am single and ready to mingle. If you’re looking for a party hostel in Boracay, this is the place to be. It seems like February is the start of the peak season as they were several travelers when I arrived.

Update: here’s a blog post – Mad Monkey Hostel: Party Time in Boracay

One Week Trip Turned into Two Weeks in Boracay

I found another host in Boracay that let me stay for several days in exchange for home-cooked meals. I never cooked in my life but my host has everything in the kitchen. To be honest, I enjoyed cooking for the first time. Well, I did some easy to cook recipes, but still, it’s a new achievement for me.

Diving in Boracay

So happy I did three dives in Boracay with our dive instructor, Nico from France and dive buddies – Nick from Canada and Matt from London. If you’re looking for dive instructor in Boracay, check out Nico’s Facebook page at Nicolas PADI Instructor.

Here’s a separate blog post about my diving experience: Let’s Go Boracay Diving Adventure 2017

Boracay Trip was a Blast

As a first-time solo trip in Boracay, I never expected anything for this journey, but I had a blast. So many first times here as well. First time to smoke shisha or hookah and got drunk on the beach. More stories soon. You can check out my Instagram post down below.

Failed Winter Trip turned into an Early Summer Trip

Maybe there’s a reason why I never made it to a winter tour. It’s the universe telling me I shouldn’t go there alone. I should go there with someone holding hands while walking and taking photos together in the snow. Sipping hot chocolates near the fireplace to keep ourselves warm and having deep conversations. Aww, this is getting cheesy!

Has anyone experienced being refused by South Korea visa? How did you cope up with the bad news? Share your story below.

Boracay Compass just told me to share the in-depth guide about Boracay, it is a good read. You can check it out and download the PDF guide here.

8 thoughts on “Go to Boracay – Moving On from a Failed Winter Trip

  • I stumbled upon your blog when i was verifying if i was visa free for Taiwan. Unfortunately the people i was supposed to be with backed out(-.- the tickets were paid already) and my parents would not allow me to go alone :(. So i also feel you. I don’t have any travel plans in exchange of the failed one but i hope i have one too 🙂 Hope you can catch the snow in korea in the near future 🙂

    • Omg Joanna! You should travel solo to Taiwan. I went there twice last year and it’s an amazing trip. Sayang naman your parents won’t let you. I traveled to 5 countries in 2015 just traveling solo. I urge you to travel solo. So many things you can learn. Promise!

  • When you’re heartbroken, go to the beach… I have the same thing too, it’s either I am feeling heartbroken or just tired of everything.Or just go somewhere else far.
    Rejections can really pull us down, but hey, each day is a new day and I think being single and able to travel alone is a blessing and an adventure itself. You are a beautiful soul so you will meet someone along the way, so keep on traveling.
    I didn’t have any visa rejections so far but traveling can be quite painfully expensive “luxury”, so the countries I have been to, I only visited once. The expense is my own trap that I couldn’t get myself out of, so how I cope is, visit somewhere that I haven’t been to, but would be less expensive (at least). For as long as you are moving around and exploring, that’s the whole point anyway.

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