Life Update: Goodbye Solo Backpacking, Hello Family Life!

It’s been a long time I haven’t written for my travel blog and I really missed it, actually. Now, it’s time to update a personal story on my blog on what is going on with my life. I have no plans of abandoning my travel blog as I have so many unwritten stories of my past travels.

goodbye solo backpacking

Goodbye Solo Backpacking!

My last official solo backpacking as a traveler happened in Cambodia. Do you know the feeling of mishap and unplanned travels? Meeting other backpackers? The YOLO life? Well, I guess I have graduated myself in this phase of traveling life. It was something I have no regrets in life and I can say that I spent my late 20’s great. But I have to be honest that life is not a fairy tale.

Hello Family Life!

If you’re wondering I haven’t posted anything about traveling as a couple or how I met my partner while traveling. Well, I’m just keeping things in private. But yes, I have posted something about a pregnant woman who missed her flight due to the airline’s fault in 2019. I will write about this in the future. That means I need to add a category about family travel and motherhood life.

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Why say goodbye solo backpacking?

24/7 I am with the husband and the baby so there’s no reason for solo backpacking at all. I have to be honest that I’ll be totally dependent on the husband the same as the baby to me.

Any plans to convert the blog to a Family Travel?

No plans at all but family travel and motherhood life can be additional categories. I will still continue writing the unwritten stories of my past travels and updating family and motherhood life in between. But I can’t promise to update my blog very often as I cannot be on my laptop all the time. I need to be comfortable writing my thoughts using my iPad but I still prefer updating my blog with my laptop.

What keeps me busy?

Obviously, family life keeps me busy.

  • Breastfeeding
  • Sleepless nights
  • Taking naps in-betweens
  • My baby and my partner
  • Gardening
  • More home chores to learn

Because of the pandemic, I might write about more on motherhood life, breastfeeding, and gardening. Not bad! Let’s see in my next posts. 🙂

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