Let’s Go Boracay Diving Adventure 2017

Boracay Diving Adventure 2017At last, I’m blogging again and I am here to continue what happened on Boracay Island. This is how I roll on moving on from a failed winter trip to South Korea, I went Boracay diving. If you will ask me where did I get my PADI Open Water Diving license. I got it on Malapascua Island where I saw the thresher sharks.

Aside from partying on Boracay Island, I did three dives there. Actually, I’ve done several things on the island compared to my first time back in 2014. But I never regret spending money on the island because my intention was to have fun once again. If you ask me how much is the cost for each dive, it’s PhP1,800 for licensed diver and PhP3,500 (at least) for Discover Scuba Diving.

Scuba Diving Locations

I have to apologize as I don’t have photos for each location as I never had a camera but we went diving to Friday’s Rock, Camia Wreck and Balinghai.

During my first dive in Boracay, I had panic attacks which it almost led me not to continue the dive. It was because the water was wavy and I almost forgot how to breathe with my regulator. So silly of me for forgetting. There is a reason that I should dive more often so that I’ll be comfortable every time I get back into the water.

As a solo traveler, I wasn’t sure if I should forego diving but glad to meet Nick through Couchsurfing and told me his plans on the island for six days. Since I stayed for two weeks and brought my work with me, I was flexible with my schedule. We met our dive instructor Nicolas per recommendation through CS connection of Nick and decided to go diving the next day. In some other days, Nick and I went to island hopping which I never did the first time in Boracay back in 2014. I will have a separate blog post about it.

Boracay Diving February 2017
Nick, me and Malaysian guy

Check out my YouTube video

Here’s a video of this Boracay Diving Adventure last February 2017 so I asked Nicolas some photos and videos for my blog. Of course, to keep some memories. Right after this trip, I wished to have my own underwater camera but it’s too expensive. Wish was granted last April 2017 as I received a gift from a friend. Hopefully, I could capture some photos and videos on my next diving trip.


diving boracay 3
While I was working on my laptop at my host’s place in Boracay, I received a message from Matt that he was flying to Boracay. We first met on Malapascua island during our Open Water Diving days. What a small world as they’re friends with Nicolas, the dive instructor. So I was able to do my third dive with Matt.

If you have read my previous post, Matt made me drunk the night he arrived in Boracay. Do check out my happy drunk moment here: Go to Boracay – Moving On from a Failed Winter Trip.

Interested to go Boracay Diving?


Where to stay in Boracay?

I highly recommend Mad Monkey Boracay <— do check out my review.

Never thought that my solo trip to Boracay turned out to be so much fun as I’ve met friends from my past travels and met new people through common friends. Next, I should blog about partying and getting drunk in Boracay.

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