Surprise! I Am Certified PADI Open Water Diver

Surprise! To be honest, I really don’t know how to start writing this experience, but this was so unexpected. Who would have thought that a generous reader encouraged to enroll me in PADI Open Water Diver Course? It started when the reader asked me about my Discover Scuba Diving experience and all about Cebu. The reader asked me where could be the best place to dive in Cebu. Although my first experience was on Mactan Island – my two other best options are in Moalboal and on Malapascua Island.

What to see in Moalboal for Diving?

Since I’ve been to Moalboal a lot of times for snorkeling, the things you can see are:

  • Sardine run at Panagsama Beach
  • Sea turtles on Panagsama Beach
  • Marine Sanctuary on Pescador Island
  • You’re lucky if you happen to see the dolphins on Pescador Island while on the boat
  • Whale shark watching in Oslob since it’s near Moalboal

I’ve seen all the things above without diving.

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What to see on Malapascua Island for Diving?

One of the best reasons to dive on Malapascua Island is to see the thresher sharks. I’ve been to Malapascua Island a lot of times as well just spending time on the beach and snorkeling, but seeing the thresher sharks sighting is best experienced on the island. Other sharks can be seen, such as whitetip sharks and hammerhead sharks. You can only see the thresher sharks if you’re a certified diver.

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Asking friends where’s the best place to get PADI Open Water Diver Course?

It’s time to ask advice from friends who are into scuba diving and I listened to each of their opinions. Either Moalboal and Malapascua Island is both great for diving. There’s a lot of beautiful diving spots in the Philippines but I’ll focus in Cebu. Since I mentioned the thresher sharks, it’s Malapascua island then. So, next is where to find the best dive instructor on Malapascua Island?

Taking PADI Open Water Diver Course at Thresher Shark Divers Malapascua

I arrived on July 21, 2016, back to the paradise of Malapascua Island. Got enrolled on the same day, thanks to the generous reader. 😉 Started the class the next day and spent five days on the island without worrying work. I just had to wake up in the morning to attend the 8:30AM lecture with the dive instructor and diving lesson after. I was just reading the materials, answering the knowledge review and watching videos. The course is good for 4-5 days, some will take it for three days. But I never liked the idea of stressing myself so I spent my diving course for four days. To know more about PADI Open Water Diver Course, check out Thresher Shark Divers.

I learned a lot of things from setting up your gear, more hand signals to communicate and more techniques at first I was afraid of. The dive instructor lets me float for 10 minutes and do skinny diving. Wait for my next blog post about my diving experience, photos with new friends I was with and more underwater photos with the thresher sharks. 🙂

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With Frankie, the assistant instructor and Max, the dive instructor while I’m holding my certificate.


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