How to Take Mount Fuji Aerial View Photos in Japan?

An Unexpected Moment of Mount Fuji Aerial View

Who would have thought that I could have that unexpected moment of Mount Fuji aerial view? I actually missed it when I was in Tokyo and never saw one on my way to Osaka. I spent 14 days in Japan but never thought of going for a day to Mount Fuji. Well, it was expensive.

If you have followed my Japan travel series, you might have read how my first solo Japan trip became a disaster and full of misadventures.

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mount fuji aerial view experience in japan

How to Take Mount Fuji Aerial View Photos in Japan?

I actually missed my flight from Tokyo to Cebu. Do you know how expensive the flight was? It was PHP 18,000 when I wanted to book for the next day flight. Unfortunately, I never had that much money to return to Cebu.

So I looked for other ways to get out of Japan ASAP and found a flight to Hong Kong after two days worth JPY 6,000++. That means I had to sleep two nights at Narita airport for free.

It was a morning flight so I made sure not to miss this flight again. I needed to transfer to another terminal. Fortunately, I boarded the flight.

The crew put me on the window seat, onto the left side of the airplane. Somehow, I regretted not seeing Mount Fuji when I was on land. Heard the pilot talking and told the passengers to open their windows to see the view of Mount Fuji. It was a surprise!

I Cried While Up In the Air

After all the crazy misadventures I’ve experienced in Japan, I actually cried up in the air. I hurriedly took out my camera and my iPad taking a lot of photos. Not sure if I was able to take videos.

mount fuji aerial view from the airplane

Which airline to take to see the aerial view of Mount Fuji?

I am not affiliated and not promoting this airline but I actually booked a flight to Hong Kong with Jetstar Asia. Pure luck that I was able to get it for JPY 6000++ or PHP 3,000++ and compared to flying back to Cebu for PHP 18,000. Since I am a digital nomad, I had no worries extending my trip to Hong Kong and stayed for another four days.

Best to book a flight in the morning! Thank me later.

Is it all worth it?

Definitely, the experience was all worth it. You can add this to your itinerary if you want to jump from one country to another. Yes, take a flight to Hong Kong from Tokyo.

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Take the Mount Fuji Tour with Klook

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