Quick Things To Do in Cebu City

quick things to do in cebu city

Here are some quick things to do in Cebu City when you feel bored and got nothing to do. As a person living in the province of Cebu where I live an hour away from Cebu City, there are times that I’ve been stuck at home because of work that I need a quick getaway. Last August 2016, I got the chance to get off the grid for one day and not thinking about work. I just re-visited some places which is the usual destination of Cebuanos.


Rent or Hire a Motorbike

The best way to get around Cebu City is riding or driving a motorbike, best to get a driver’s license. If you have a friend who knows how to drive a motorbike and owns one, tag him/her along for a day trip and pay for the gasoline. For rental, daily rate ranges from P450 to P600 good for 24 hours.


Drive a Car

If you have your own car, then tag along your family for a road trip or ask one of your friends who has a car and tag other friends to cheap in the gasoline. The more, the merrier.


Public Jeepney

A public jeepney will cost at least PhP 7.00 from Colon to Lahug but you need to transfer to another jeepney if you’re going to another destination.


This is the most expensive but for the convenience with an aircon then go for this.

Quick Things To Do in Cebu City – Busay

The places I will mention is located in the mountainous area of Cebu City which is in Busay. This is accessible with a motorbike, a car or a taxi. You can start getting around in the morning.

Sirao Flower Farm

The flower farm became popular in 2015 which a lot of people flocked the place with a lot of selfies uploaded on social media. Going to the place makes you feel you’re experiencing the spring season. Entrance fee is PhP 20 for quick photos and for pre-wedding photos cost higher for PhP 500.

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Temple of Leah

This place was built for love, to honor his wife named Leah. Temple of Leah looks like you’re in Greece with a nice overlooking of Cebu City. Entrance fee is PhP 50. In the future, this will be a perfect place for a wedding reception or maybe, just imagine you’re going to a dance ball or a masquerade party with a fairy tale feeling.

Mountain View Nature Park Busay

Mountain View Nature Park is a nice play for people who love the outdoors and want to be close to nature in just few minutes. You can hike and take photos along the way. What I love about this place is the rope course. Make sure to bring off lotion to avoid mosquito bites.

Lantaw Native Restaurant

A restaurant with a nice overlooking of Cebu City. You can go there by lunch or dinner and they serve Filipino food.

Quick Things To Do in Cebu City – Uptown and Downtown Area

Here are some of the other places you can visit as well. For photos, click the related article below.

Taoist Temple

Cebu Heritage Monument

Sto. Niño Church

Magellan’s Cross

Fort San Pedro

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Additional Tip

Obviously, Sirao Flower Farm is best to go during day time and should be the first one to go to. Temple of Leah, Mountain View Park and Lantaw Native Restaurant are just near to each other. You can skip Mountain View Park if you don’t want a long hike and finish it on lunch time. This can be done half day. If you want to finish it on dinner time, trips to Mountain View Park, Temple of Leah and Lantaw Native Restaurant are possible.

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