5 Reasons Siargao Not Good for Digital Nomads

5 reasons siargao not good for digital nomads

While I was motorbiking around Siargao from General Luna to Dapa, I asked myself. Can I survive Siargao as a digital nomad? Here, being able to write 5 reasons Siargao not good for digital nomads. I was running out of money already that I had to go to Dapa to withdraw some money. My bank is not even present in Siargao so I need to use another ATM from another bank.

The internet connection was so slow that it took me minutes to transfer some money from a travel fund to savings account. Thanks to BPI (not a sponsor of this post) because it allows me to separate my money. I can see the transaction using their app.

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5 Reasons Siargao Not Good for Digital Nomads

There are 5 reasons Siargao not good for Digital Nomads and why I can’t survive. The reason why I am writing this is that I am comparing my lifestyle here in Puerto Princesa, Palawan and Siargao. Puerto Princesa is a city already so it’s progressing little by little. Siargao is really a remote island.

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#1 Both Globe and Smart LTE connections are slow – 5 reasons Siargao not good for Digital Nomads

In 2017, I was in Siargao for 6 days. I work in the morning and surf in the afternoon. After a year, I was able to visit last May 2018. I have both Globe and Smart LTE but the speed is not really conducive to work. You can use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter just to share photos. But for real work? It’s busted. If your job requires you to call, then, don’t work in Siargao.

#2 You need to ride a tricycle to reach from Point A to B

If you’re into surfing, people go to the famous surfing area, the Cloud 9. This area has lots of people where the most restaurants are located. With my friends, we stayed near the market and we have to take a tricycle to reach point B. After few hours, if we want to go to Point C, we have to take another tricycle. It’s PHP 20 per ride/person. So it’s not economical to get around Siargao unless you want to stay near General Laguna where the nearest surfing area is.

#3 You better rent a motorbike when you’re in Siargao

As what I’ve mentioned from the previous reason, you should know how to motorbike and rent it. The daily rental is PHP 500 if you just want to rent it for a day. But if you rent it for several days, they will give you a discount. So, if you want to stay for a month in Siargao, you really need to have your own motorbike as you can visit other surfing areas of Siargao which is away from General Laguna.

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#4 ATM machines are far

The distance between General Luna and Dapa is 13.9 km so it’s expensive to get to Dapa when you are running out of money. You will pay PHP 500 if you want to hire a motorbike driver to bring you there. That’s why it is best that you know how to drive a motorbike and rent it yourself.

Although I’ve heard that Palawan Pawnshop can withdraw money for you. I haven’t tried yet but in case of emergency you badly need money, try to approach Palawan Pawnshop.

#5 I can’t work in Siargao, I just want to surf every day

Well, that’s the thing about Siargao. I can’t work online there as I am just tempted to learn to surf every day. You see, Siargao is not for digital nomads. It’s the island life.

You can have a business in Siargao for sure which your target market is the consumers. Resorts, restaurants, cheap accommodations and the likes which you get money from real people and not just through online or Western Union.

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Siargao is Best for Being Off The Grid

If I’m given the chance to stay there for a month without worrying too much about work and money, I would do it. I would learn to surf every day because being in Siargao is the best place to learn surfing. During my first trip to Siargao where I stayed for six days, I can see myself that I would learn to surf later on. But work is more important.

When you’re at the point of your life of being low, Siargao is also the best escape. Broken hearted. Questioning life. Name it. Learning to surf is the best therapy in distracting yourself to positivity. Or learn to drive a motorbike because there is no traffic. Getting yourself into adrenaline rush helps you to stay calmer and get yourself back to focus on things.

Or party yourself until morning like you just don’t care. Dance like no one is watching. Flirt if you need to but don’t fall in love. Enjoy being yourself. You’re on the island, be free!

Do you agree or disagree with me? Share your thoughts below.

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons Siargao Not Good for Digital Nomads

  • Based from my experience, it is not only Siargao. Some provincial cities have slow internet connection in general or it is only good as receiving emails, posting stuff online. But making internet calls, uploading files, it’s quite daunting.

    • Yeah right. I was actually thinking to move there for the love of surfing but I just can’t. 😂

  • Hi, Rox. Amazing content. Where did you stay? Found my hostel near Cloud 9 to have a really good Smart LTE connection. They have a Globe Wi-Fi, but it was never usable at all.

  • Indeed there’s no stable connection right there to get you doing with actual grunt work, but for reading email should be fine but still stutters at times. Nonetheless, its a good place to get you off the grid and CHILL!

  • How about the Wi-Fi and the surfing on Palawan? Can you get Fiber WiFi there. I heard that there is 30mbps on Siargao now. Is it true? I know also you can surf on Palawan, but how good is it? And are there any good surf spots close to where the Wi-Fi is good?

    • Hi,

      Smart pocket wi-fi is good in Puerto Princesa. In El Nido, there’s Fiber Wi-Fi there in some hotels and guesthouses. ATM, I don’t know how fast the internet in Siargao since the last time I was there, the connection was weak. Yes, you can surf in Palawan, especially at Nagtabon Beach in Puerto Princesa. You can also go kite surfing in the northeast of Palawan just near El Nido.

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