Gone for 2 Months – Feels Good To Be Back in Palawan

feels good to be back in palawan

At last! Feels good to be back in Palawan. I arrived on the 1st of June, 2018. After my last trip to El Nido, Palawan (see Mellow Yellow Tour Z) last March 2018, I booked a one-way ticket to Cebu. Due to personal reasons, I went back home to look after for my mom. She was on her second surgery and that time, that was her intestines. I also stayed in Cebu City for how many days before I went back home.

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Spending my time in Cebu

Most of the time I was at home. I was working the night shift. Working at night at home wasn’t easy because my sleep in the morning was in bad state. Then, I realized that working night shift was not for me.

During my stay in Cebu, I was able to meet some of my high school and college friends so we went to Kontiki Diving in Mactan, Cebu on a weekend. I also tried out my free diving skill so you can see some of the photos below which I followed some scuba divers. I had no idea how deep I was but I was so happy following them underwater while taking photos. A separate blog post will be created soon.


Mostly, I’m just talking about the good times but I won’t mention some of the bad times in Cebu. Maybe, it’s the way of how I react negatively. If you know my story, you would have known about this -> Living Independently – What It Feels Like Moving Out and Living On Your Own?

My Second Visit in Siargao

I am so lucky that my friend invited me for a trip to Siargao with a cheap ticket. It was very spontaneous because I had no plan previously. I was able to visit some places I haven’t visited the first time. We did a lot of touristy stuff and I have more awesome photos because I am using a waterproof camera now. Well, I should do a blog about this. You can see the photos below how I enjoyed Siargao, especially, the day that I was alone and decided to rent a motorbike.

Feels Sad Going Back to Cebu

There was a heaviness in my heart the moment I returned to Cebu. There I was dealing with the traffic, the humid, the rude taxi drivers to tourists, and etc. Call me whiny but that’s how I felt. Something is telling me that Cebu is not my home anymore. Although I stayed in Cebu City for 2-3 months in 2017, I thought I was going to be a city girl. But no, I was wrong. I spent my money mostly on my hostel. Decided not to go home for some reasons.

I was looking for signs to stay in Cebu City but I realized I didn’t belong there. I met some of my friends in Cebu, only a few, and I’m stuck with the same problem which was an annoying pain in the ass.

Feels Good to be Back in Palawan

Feels good to be back in Palawan and I was gone for 2 months. I never left my place because I was actually paying my rent even when I was in Cebu. The moment I stepped out of Puerto Princesa Airport, the heaviness I felt in my heart was gone immediately. I feel so alive coming back and smelling that fresh air. The rain stopped before I arrived so it was kind of cold but you can sense the less stress and pollution which was just a breath of fresh air. I went out to the gate, hailed a tricycle and paid 40 Pesos to my place in just less than 15 minutes.

2nd of June, 2018 – I was craving for dumplings the past few months already and I just realized that there is a new Taiwanese restaurant just a walking distance from my place and just beside Tiki Bar. I missed Taiwan so much and it’s food. Well, I’m just lucky that I’m in a place where I can find all my cravings.

Should I Create a Blog that Focuses More on Palawan?

Because it feels good to be back in Palawan, an idea comes up to mind if I should create a new blog that focuses more on Palawan. I have a domain name in mind already but I haven’t registered. The problem is I might miss blogging on both blog sites.

The reason is that I’ve stayed here for 9 months already although I haven’t explored a lot of Palawan. But that’s the goal, to explore more on Palawan. Can I do this alone? I don’t know any Palawan-based bloggers here. Not sure how to be consistent in blogging about Palawan. Mostly, I’m in Puerto Princesa because this is my home base.

What’s my Plan in Puerto Princesa, Palawan?

At the moment, my goal in Palawan is to do some soul searching and heal myself because I’ve been facing too much drama in life since a few years ago. Palawan is just my safe place. I could not think of going out of the country but it depends if it’s an invitation. It’s impractical for me to get out. For now, let me just enjoy Palawan as there are a lot of things to discover on this island.

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