How to Become the Most Chill Travel Blogger and Digital Nomad in the Philippines?

chill travel blogger digital nomad philippines

Warning: The blog post is all about me. But do you know any travel blogger and digital nomad in the Philippines who are as chill AF?

Just so you know, I started working online since 2009 but I started working at home in 2010. In 2013, I decided to put up my travel blog even though I had no idea about traveling out of the country. I started to call myself a travel blogger when I slowly gathered some travel blog posts around Cebu. A travel blogger for the fun of it and hope to share some tips without minding some grammatical error post.

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How to Become the Most Chill Travel Blogger Digital Nomad in the Philippines?

1. Health is my priority.

When I travel, I want to have a good sleep. Of course, it’s my vacation. I become irritable and stressful when I am running to catch my flight. I am a slow traveler, just enjoying the place at my own pace but a spontaneous traveler as well.

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2. Enjoy the place you are traveling to instead of posting it on social media right away.

Since my trips are more personal, I always make sure to enjoy the place first in order to relax. Traveling is my escape from reality and it’s the only time I can get off the grid. Since I am stingy, I really don’t want to spend money to be online most of the time. The internet or wifi sucks in the Philippines and when I travel out of the country, I don’t buy sim cards especially it’s a short-term trip.

3. Enjoy traveling around with your friends/family or with the people you just met without social media.

I remember my first trip out of the country in Malaysia, we never had pocket wifi with us but we just rely on our tourist map which is a good thing because we explored the area on our own and asked people around. Somehow, it gains you a sense of direction.

During my first solo trip to Japan, I met several solo travelers. While the others rely too much on their phone, I was handling a map and go ask the locals. It’s my way of interacting with travelers and locals without gadgets. I felt like an expert on getting around Tokyo and it feels so awesome.

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4. I blog for fun, earn money later.

Travel blogging is fun and I enjoyed the benefits when I joined a travel blogging group in Cebu. Got invitations here and there and all you have to do is to confirm to join the event or not. There were moments when I am tired to join just because I am far away from the city. I just join the event if it interests me.

I only earned money later on when I decided to monetize my blog after three years. Got my first Google Adsense earning. It wasn’t that much. Back of my mind, I was like, I should have monetized my blog a few years ago. But it’s okay, no stress. I am just enjoying the late benefits.

5. I set up a travel blog as a portfolio for my online job.

My travel blog helps me to get an online job. This is what I usually tell to people if they are interested to work online. You can create a website and it depends on your niche. You can put up a design portfolio for your website if you’re a graphic designer. If you’re into writing, then blogging is for you. Again, choose your niche. Are you into personal, travel, food, technology blogging? Don’t limit yourselves with these niche as there are several you can choose from. What’s important is your passion.

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6. Don’t worry about the backlogs.

The dilemma of being a travel blogger is that you have several backlogs. I am guilty of this and I haven’t blogged all the countries I’ve been to in 2015. But I am just chilling. I really don’t want to stress myself as I have several photos on my laptop. Since it is a travel repository blog, I can blog about it later. I’ll blog about it when I have the free time to upload all my photos on Flickr and sort things out in a blog post.

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7. Enjoy the Freedom to Work Anywhere

I’ve been receiving comments and messages how people appreciate my freedom of traveling any time and anywhere. When you’re single, not in a relationship and a freelance worker, this is what you get – real freedom. You have to get out of your comfort zone and time to explore places.

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I am writing this blog post to inspire newbie bloggers to write more out of passion and to those who aspire to be a digital nomad. To some travel blogger friends on my feed who are giving a hard time to themselves, please make your health as a priority.

Any chill travel blogger digital nomad who would like to connect? Drop your comments below. 🙂

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