Travel Hack: How to Get Free Accommodation While Traveling?


How to get free accommodation while traveling?

As a frequent solo traveler in the past few years, I have received several inquiries on how to get free accommodation while traveling. Some of the experiences that I had were just accidental. In some situation, I submitted my resume to see if my skills fit their needs.

I will share with you a proven and tested on getting free accommodation based on my personal experience.

Stay with Friends and Relatives

Usually, your first-time travel experience is a family vacation visiting your relatives. It is really the best when your relatives live on an island where white sand beaches are everywhere. Sea food is always abundant and all you have to do is sleep, wake up and eat then repeat.

When you have friends living in a different place, you’re lucky enough if they have an extra room or share a bed to accommodate you. Your friends are your closest people next to your family. So they’re a good source of free accommodation and you are sure that you’re safe to stay with them.

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I joined as a volunteer in non-profit organizations which we were deployed to islands to help in to the distribution of educational supplies, solar panels to families. You can stay with local families or bring your own tent so you can go camping.

Non-Profit organizations I am involved in:

  1. Let’s Do It Philippines
  2. The Kindred Nomads

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Another way is to volunteer in hostels. Skills they may need from you in exchange for free accommodation:

  1. Cleaning job – cleaning the room, the toilet, front/backyard, and changing bed sheets and linen
  2. Carpentry
  3. Gardening, landscaping or farming
  4. Receptionist
  5. Computer skills – they may need help on their website and social media

Websites to find this volunteer hostel work. You need to pay certain fees for a membership:

  1. Workaway
  2. WWOOF
  3. World Packers

You are way luckier if the hostel you are working for offers free food and/or weekly allowance so you don’t have to worry spending much more money or you can use the money to try other activities in that city or country.

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Travel Blogging

As a travel blogger, it gives me the opportunities to work on hotels and hostels to stay 3-4 days to experience what they can offer to their customers. All you need is to write a review on your blog. Mention and promote them on your social media with photos or videos.


Literally, I experienced sleeping on someone else’s couch as a guest. In exchange, you can bring them souvenirs from your country but mostly I bring food like Cebu Dried Mangoes. Hosts and guests love to exchange travel stories, tips, language, and culture.

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That’s all folks! For more questions, just drop in the comments section.

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