I Was 24 When I Experienced My First Airplane Ride to Manila

A Blast from the Past – My First Airplane Ride

First Airplane Ride to Manila in November 2012

First Airplane Ride to Manila in November 2012

It was November 28, 2012, when I experienced my first airplane ride and my first trip to Manila. It was my high school friend, Claire, who invited me together with another friend as she has a sister working and living in Manila. She booked my flight, and I just paid her. It was not a promo fare, but I paid like at least P2,000. I had no idea how to book a flight back then. But since I won’t be alone on this trip I took the chance to experience all my first times.

The photo above is an old snapshot that was taken from an Olympus point and shoot digital camera. Looking back, I seem so old as well as I had no idea how to be stylish. I also brought my netbook with me so that I can work while traveling as a digital nomad. I wasn’t ready to be a traveler because I never had a decent backpack.

The Window Seat

Being a first timer, Claire told the check-in staff to assign me near the window seat. The photo above is one of the snapshots I took. I could still remember the nerve-wracking experience. Too bad I could not share with anyone how I felt about it since the two girls were in different seats. I was just smiling while taking photos near the window. I felt like an ignorant kid that feeling when you had these butterflies in your stomach when the plane was ready to set-off.

Why Choose Manila?

Being a probinsyana (a girl from the province) like me coming from Cebu, it’s funny when you want to experience how it feels like to be in the big city. What it feels like being in Manila? I had no idea upon arrival. Most of the time, the idea I knew about Manila was in history books and television.

All It Takes Was a Prayer

To conquer my fear, I was praying that we could have a safe flight and safe arrival in Manila. There was a time when I thought about having a plane crash. Would I survive? Could I swim? I was listening intensely from the flight attendant’s safety demonstration and reading the guide in front of me with the in-flight magazine. Somehow I got entertained.

Thoughts about Manila

I was glad that we arrived safely. But I had no knowledge of how to get around Manila. My friends and I took a taxi to Pasig where my friend’s sister lived. From the airport, the traffic was horrible. I decided to sleep inside the cab. But my goal was to visit some touristic and historical places in Manila. My mom told me that I need to visit my aunt who lives in Pasig as well. It was the first time I was able to go by myself searching for my aunt’s house in Pasig.


The next day, we went to Divisoria to buy stuff (I purchased a purple cardigan) and Trinoma Mall to see other friends. The good thing about the photo above, I was able to fix myself and look pretty with that cute headband I bought at Trinoma.

Welcome to UP Diliman

I remember when I was rummaging my mom’s old photos that she also went to Manila. She stayed in Manila for some time a long time ago. My mom loves to take photos during her travels so why not take a photo with the Oblation monument? Yes, she had a photo with the monument together with her nieces. My friends came from UP – Cebu so they paid a visit.


UP Diliman with friends

The Burger Project


We were hungry so we passed by at The Burger Project near UP Diliman. You can make your own burger just by choosing the ingredients on the menu.

Enchanted Kingdom


ITravelRox at the Enchanted Kingdom

My first theme park experience in Laguna as we don’t have a theme park in Cebu. We had a blast at the Enchanted Kingdom though.

Mayon Volcano from Afar


By the time I went back home to Cebu, I had a sight of Mayon Volcano from afar. I felt so relieved when I returned in Cebu because of the less traffic back in 2012.

Traveling at 24 seems too late but there is no age limit. Can you recall your first airplane ride experience? How was it?

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