Moalboal Beach Resort – Secluded Yet a Lovely Stay

It was the first day and the first weekend of October, at last, I got a break. I woke up early in the morning to prepare for my backpack with a laptop and a camera while waiting for my friend to arrive the bus in Naga, where I just stood in front of the church. Through messaging, I got the signal to hop into the aircon bus. It was a good day to check out one of the best budget-friendly beach resorts in Moalboal, the Moalboal Beach Resort.

Getting to Moalboal Beach Resort

Upon arrival in Moalboal after two hours from Naga, we hopped into the tricycle and told the driver to bring us to Moalboal Beach Resort (Agoda link). The fare going there is PhP150, it’s the standard price. The small road going there was kind of challenging but bearable. The moment of arrival felt so awesome as we were approached by the accommodating staff. Booked from a standard room, we were upgraded to a deluxe room with an awesome view.



Deluxe room is an a/c room with shower and very spacious. Television is unnecessary since the idea of being to this place is to escape from the stress of politics in social media and television. I felt like I found my zen here. Also, I realized that this place is good for honeymooners. Actually, a place good for the family as well. Check them out on Agoda.

Things To Do at Moalboal Beach Resort

  • Kayaking – kayak rental is PhP100 per hour


  • Just relaxing near the beach


  • Take a dip into the pool


  • Enjoy the scenery


  • Having breakfast, lunch and dinner – no regrets with their food, the cook is doing an amazing job.


  • Check out the monkeys, goats, and dogs


  • Rent a motorbike – if you have a driver’s license, take advantage of renting a motorbike from them. For half day use, it’s just PhP250.

What to do around Moalboal?

If you got the chance to rent a motorbike, your life would be easier as you can easily get around Moalboal with a motorbike. You visit other towns near Moalboal which is in Badian, Alegria, and Malabuyoc. Here are some things you can do around and near Moalboal.

  • White Beach Moalboal – this is in Basdaku, Moalboal where people enjoy the big white sand beach. Several people come here every weekend, especially for a family outing. For weekend escapades, people bring their camping tent so need to pay much for expensive accommodation.
  • Panagsama Beach – this is in Basdiot, Moalboal where the affordable accommodations are here. There are several diving shops to choose from if you are keen to go diving. Many restaurants here as well and for night life, there are bars to choose from.
  • Chili Bar – this is famous for nightlife at Panagsama beach. The best time to go there is on a Friday night.
  • Sardine Run – snorkeling and chasing sardines at Panagsama beach. No entrance fee here as this is free. If you don’t have your own snorkeling mask and gears, you can rent it for PhP100. Life vest and swimming fins are available for rental as well.
  • Sea Turtle – snorkeling and swimming with the sea turtles, you are considered lucky if you can find sea turtles while swimming.
  • Pescador island – you need to rent a boat or join a boating tour to snorkel on Pescador island.
  • Dolphin watching – also you need to join a boating tour as early as 6 AM to see these beautiful creatures.

Outside Moalboal

Get out of Moalboal on your motorbike and go to these places:

  • Kawasan falls – it is located in Badian, a town next to Moalboal. There is a big sign on the road you can follow and take a walk going to the falls.
  • Canyoneering – it is located in Alegria, a town next to Badian which the endpoint is at Kawasan falls.
  • Mainit Hot Spring – it is located in Malabuyoc, a town next to Alegria which you can also see the sign on the road.

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People in Cebu are very helpful and you can ask directions for more clarification. Our Moalboal stay was all perfect. Definitely, a good place to return to.

Have you been to Moalboal Beach Resort? Check them on Agoda. How was your stay?

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