PADI Discover Scuba Diving at Pura Vida Sea Explorers Dauin

For people who are interested and curious about scuba diving, it is better that you should try first the PADI Discover Scuba Diving for you to see if scuba diving is really for you or not. Scuba diving is an expensive activity, but trying out the Discover Scuba is still worth it, especially when you want to experience your first breath underwater.

Last June 2016, I flew to Dumaguete City again and went straight to Dauin while I brought my work with me. I had my office on the day at the front beach. Somehow, I felt so awful because of the slow internet connection, but patience is still a virtue.

I think I am loving the taste of Margarita, already that it’s the only thing I know to order when I happened to go to the bar.

Here I show you some photos of the best view of Pura Vida Beach & Dive Resort in Dauin, Negros Oriental. Taking up the PADI Discover Scuba Diving in Dauin was unplanned.

With my Dive Instructor, Dominique. She’s really pretty.

I was able to ask a friend to take photos of me while doing the pool/confined open water dive because I don’t have photos underwater.

My Experience

Although I had my first discover scuba dive experience last April 2015, I found out that I got scared and nervous because of my ears. It was weird for feeling unease, but then I had to face my fear.

Breathing underwater is sure an easy thing to do, but what made me feel more nervous were the exercises that we were doing underwater. I was afraid of getting drowned and I might panic.

Location of the dive was at Pura Vida House Reef where I saw frogfish, white pipe horse, small clam, garden eels, clown fish, jack fish, velvet stone fish, moray eel, dragonette and puffer fish at 12 meters depth.


If you’re interested with the pricing, I paid PHP 3,190 plus sanctuary fee through PayPal. Well, I didn’t bring any money and it was unplanned so it was a good thing they accept PayPal as payment. More info on the rate promo is here.

What to Expect on Discovery Scuba Diving?

  • Your first breath underwater – it’s an awesome experience
  • Learn scuba skills
  • Feel the pressure underwater
  • Equalize body air spaces
  • Learn to use the scuba equipment
  • Hand signals
  • Using the BCD
  • Using the regulator
  • Clearing water from the mask
  • Using the fins for swimming
  • Monitoring the air gauge

I got the reading material and a Certificate of Completion for completing the PADI Discover Scuba Diving program. Yes, my dive instructor told me I can proceed with PADI Open Water Diver course. That time, I had to think about it as I need to save money.

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