My Palawan Trip for 10 Days last September 2014

Palawan collage

After my Camiguin trip in the first week of August 2014, I happened to went to the doctor for an annual check-up. Just to make the story short that I don’t want to elaborate, I was scheduled for a biopsy in the last week of August. It was difficult because I’ve never been hospitalized in my whole life. It was kind of traumatic as I had to endure the pain. I felt so crazy I’d been stuck at home and took several days off from my online job. I told myself that I should travel after this. I need to escape but then I was not allowed to bring heavy stuff.

I was hesitant for the biopsy because of my scheduled travel to Hong Kong in October 2014. Fortunately, somebody paid for my surgery from someone I would never have the chance to see ever.

I got an invite for a trip to Palawan and got a one-way ticket for free. The trip was from September 17 to 26, 2014. Everything was on the spot. I brought a rolling suitcase, my laptop bag, and a tripod while my friend is a backpacker so it was easy for him to bring his stuff. But then, that was the time I got the idea of backpacking as I see a lot of backpackers from different countries going to Palawan.

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Bring a lot of Money

There is no ATM in El Nido so withdraw money from Puerto Princesa which is enough for your El Nido trip. It was crazy at that time that we panicked as we didn’t know where to get money. For Europeans, Western Union to the rescue and for me, I asked some friends who could send money through M Lhuillier.

Van Ride from Puerto Princesa to El Nido

The van ride from Puerto Princesa to El Nido cost P500 and it took us 5-7 hours to reach El Nido proper. We arrived in Puerto Princesa before lunch but we had to wait for other passengers before the van was full. Arrival in El Nido was at 7 PM.

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A place to Stay in El Nido

I forgot the name of the place where I stayed in El Nido because I lost the business card. We split the bills and it was air-conditioned room. But for solo backpackers, there are lots of places to stay where you could share a room with other backpackers. Price is at least P250.

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Where to go around El Nido?

Pukka Bar

I had my nightlife for a reggae night together with the other backpackers. It was awesome because I’ve never been a night-life kind of girl. While everyone was having their rum cola, I only opted for mango shake, a bottled-water and some burgers and fries. I only spent a few hours as I had to get back to my room for my online work.

Nacpan Beach

It was raining the first few days in El Nido because of the typhoon at that time but we were able to spend a day at Nacpan Beach. From El Nido proper we opted for a tricycle ride, had our lunch there and spent the day swimming on the wavy beach. I suggest for a tricycle ride because it was a tiring trip but worth it.

Las Cabanas Beach

Another day well spent at Las Cabanas Beach with friends. We also opted for a tricycle ride. We were just chilling on the beach, sipping some beer and mango shake, eating chips and had a nice chit-chat with friends.

Island Hopping Tour A

I think it was P1200 each person for the Tour A. The tour consists of Secret Lagoon, Small Lagoon, Big Lagoon, and Seven Commandos Beach. Lunch was prepared while we were having snorkeling.

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Island Hopping Tour C

For the tour C, we paid P800 and it was a great deal that the snorkeling gears and masks were free. It was because we booked the same agency during the Tour A and most of our Nacpan Beach and Las Cabanas trip were booked by the agency. I forgot the name because I lost the business card again.

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Overnight in Puerto Princesa

Blue Lagoon Inn and Suites

I only had a few photos but not with my DSLR camera. I didn’t pay anything for the accommodation as somebody paid for it. 😉 My iPad was busted so no photos but I was using my Huawei phone which was bad. Our stay was great, I wasn’t able to take a swim in their pool as I had to back home.

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Tiki Resto Bar

I didn’t bring my camera so I just spent the night with the people I was with before they go back to their home country. We enjoyed the music, some beers, some mango shakes for me, sandwiches and fries.

How much did I spend on the trip?

If you asked me, I spent around P15,000 for this trip as I was eating European food all the time during my stay in El Nido. If I went for street food, for sure it would be cheaper. Yes, I gained some fats for the whole trip. Then I booked a flight on the spot going back to Cebu for less than P2,000 and bought some souvenirs at Art Café. But then, I never regretted anything. That was the first time I had my first ever long-term trip for 10 days.

Interested to go to Coron? Then you should take a ferry from El Nido to Coron that will take 3 1/2 hours of travel.

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