My 4 Days 3 Nights Hong Kong Macau Itinerary Trip Last October 2014

Sharing to you my 4 days and 3 nights Hong Kong Macau itinerary with friends in October 2014. This trip happened after my Palawan trip. I got my ticket for less than PhP3,000 after my trip to Malaysia in 2013, thanks to Cebu Pacific. My budget was PhP30,000 for my 4D3N as I went there as a tourist.

Hmm, so I don’t know how to blog about this because I am totally disorganized right now. As much as I want to be detailed everything that happened but I will update this post in the future.

For now, I will show you where was I in Hong Kong and Macau.

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4 Days 3 Nights Hong Kong Macau Itinerary

Roaming Around Tsim Sha Tsui

Outside The Peninsula

Outside The Peninsula

Night Street Photography around Kowloon Island

Night Street Photography around Kowloon Island

Symphony of Lights

Symphony of Lights

Avenue of Stars

Avenue of Stars

I suggest you get the map from the Hong Kong Tourism office, they will give you tips on where to go. You have nothing to pay and all you have to do is just walk around.

I just realized that this trip won’t happen if this stranger never paid for my surgery.

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The Red Big Bus Tour (optional)

The Red Big Bus Tour

The Red Big Bus Tour

As a tourist, I wanted to try riding the Red Big Bus Tour but if you don’t have the money it’s okay not to do it. On the link, you can choose which tour do you want to do. If you are on a limited budget, just skip this activity.

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The Ferry Ride

Inside the ferry

One of the cheapest transportations in Hong Kong is to take the ferry ride and that is for HKD2.00 only.

The Peak Tram

The Peak Tram

You will have the chance to go to the peak and see the view of Hong Kong. We paid for this together with the Red Big Bus Tour.

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the peak tram

Madam Tussauds (optional) – Hong Kong Macau Itinerary

madame tussauds

At the peak, you will see the exhibit of Madame Tussauds but it is up to you if you want to get in and have photos with the waxed celebrities. We skipped this as it was expensive.

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The Sampan Ride

sampan ride

This was also part of the Red Big Bus tours. Going around was no hassle as we were comfortable seating inside the bus.

Macau at Night Riding TurboJet from Hong Kong

macau night

The best thing to come is early in the morning so that you will enjoy it for the whole day or until evening. We went to the Venetian Hotel, Senado Square, and The Ruins. There are lots of places you can visit in Macau. There was a free shuttle service from Macau port to different tourist destinations.

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Hong Kong Disneyland – Hong Kong Macau Itinerary

hong kong disneyland

The kids in us and we enjoyed the rides. I have lots of photos for Hong Kong Disneyland but this one I just want to show for now.

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I could not remember the exact amount I’ve spent on each activity but I just made sure to bring PhP30,000. But honestly, you don’t have to spend this much especially when you are just in Hong Kong. I’ve learned my lesson and enjoyed Hong Kong the second time around.

Urban Pack Hostel – HK$190 per night (x3 nights)

Food – HK$20-35 per meal (35 x 2 meals x 3 nights) – KFC, McDonalds, 7/11 stores

Red Big Bus Tour – HK$450-500, I don’t remember the exact amount but this include Peak Tram Sky Pass, Star Ferry and Sampan Ride, and 3 Tour Routes

Ferry to Macau – HK$153, one way and I guess it’s cheaper when at night (153 x 2 way)

Hong Kong Disneyland – HK$450-500, again I don’t remember the exact amount but that was the budget but I am sure it was less than HK$500

Souvenirs – HK$100

A21 Bus to Hostel – HK$35-40

Taxi from Macau to Macau port – HK$100, I forgot the exact amount but please prepare some amount in case of emergency

Train Hostel to Airport – HK$100-150, this is an estimate from TST MTR station before I switched to express train to the airport.

Airport tax + terminal fee = P1650 + 750

Other fees for trains – prices may vary

I forgot some other things I spent but PhP15,000-20,000 is safe already.

Next on the blog will be about my unexpected second time around in Hong Kong. Also, you can check out this another itinerary to Hong and Macau you can follow. Did you know that you can also cross Shenzhen to Hong Kong and vice versa?

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