Lakwatsa sa Sugbo 2014

lakwatsa sa sugbo

Last April 27, 2014, I was able to join a Twin City tour with a family of tour guides for free as an exchange of providing photos and write-up for the event. Fortunately, I am a blogger same time a photographer. I saw this information on a friend’s Facebook status so I got enticed. I invited my mom and friends to join the tour.

I got more excited when I found out some of the places we needed to go. Surely, I have already visited these tourist spots in Cebu during educational tours when I was in Day Care, Kindergarten and High School. I just loved visiting the places again.

Taoist Temple

The first destination was in Taoist Temple and is located at Beverly Hills Subdivision in Cebu City. I wanted to go back there because I needed to take the photo of the dragons which you can find above. Taoist believers come here for worship. The temple is open for public but people should observe silence just like any churches we have as a sign of respect.

If you want to go to China but you can’t afford to travel, then the Taoist Temple is a place to be. There is also a little replica of the Great Wall of China just see photo below.

I was born in the year of the dragon so I was just obsessed on taking photos of the dragons inside the temple. To get here to Taoist Temple, you can opt for a taxi ride or asked a motorcycle driver  to drive you to  Taoist Temple.

Cebu Heritage Monument

Cebu Heritage Monument is always a familiar place to me since I could pass by here every time I go to SM City Cebu. I was here during a photowalk organized by a photography club in Cebu. Well, because of this tour I was able to learn the history of Cebu and how these human-figures in the monument shaped Cebu.

Magellan’s Cross

Magellan’s Cross is a sign how devoted Catholics the Cebuanos are. It was Ferdinand Magellan who brought Catholicism in Cebu. The cross showed in the picture is said a replica. The paintings on the ceiling showed how the first Catholic mass started.

with the Family of Tour Guides, Saynes Family

my mom and my friends

Fort San Pedro

Fort San Pedro was built,as a defense structure, by Spanish and Cebuano laborers. The fort is triangular in shape. We never entered the premise of the fort because it was already booked for a wedding event. We were just looking the pictures and Jingle Mirafuentes curated to us the history of Fort San Pedro.

Alegre Guitars

Alegre Guitars is one of the famous guitar factory in the island of Mactan. They are known for its craftsmanship and high quality guitars. These guitars are even exported to several countries so we are proud that we have guitars that are Filipino-Cebuano made.

Lapu-Lapu Shrine

Perfect timing it was a celebration for Kadaugan sa Mactan which it is a re-enactment how Lapu-Lapu defeated Ferdinand Magellan. It was really crowded that the people enjoyed the night with their families and friends. This was our last stop because we are heading to Lakwatsa Resto Lounge for our dinner.

Lakwatsa Resto Lounge

As part of the package, we were happy to end the trip at Lakwatsa Resto Lounge and enjoyed the dinner buffet. You know, that feeling like you’re a tourist in your place. It was really fun!

We thank Kalyeana MTB Outdoor Catering and Events Services for making this event possible in cooperation with the following sponsors:

  • Vangail’s Perfect Union One-Stop Event Shop
  • Cebu Island Tour Services
  • Lakwatsa Resto Lounge
  • Tipid Prints
  • Pado

Check out more photos on my Flickr account: Lakwatsa sa Sugbo 2014

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