Weekend Stay at Budyong Beach Resort

budyong beach

Last weekend I started my summer experience and went back to Bantayan Island. That time I stayed in Budyong Beach Resort for the first time. Budyong Beach Resort is an affordable place to stay for as low as P500 which is good for 2 persons. At first, I was planning for an overnight stay then decided to extend. Actually, I brought my work with me so it was not totally a vacation. I realized that an overnight stay is not enough anymore. The image above is the first thing you’ll see when you enter the resort.

budyong beach5

This is the restaurant of the resort. I haven’t tried eating here because some said it’s expensive. Since the resort is very near to the market, you can just walk going there. It has its own videoke so you can sing with your heart out. But you cannot sing until midnight to respect the silence of the place. Just so you know that Bantayan Island is the quieter version of Boracay. Do not expect night life here. The reason I love this place is that it gives me time to de-stress and relax.

budyong beach6

After you passed the restaurant, the image above is the way going to the beach. I wanted to run and swim. There you will see the beach front cottages. I was thinking that it would be really great if I had the chance to stay there and worked with my laptop with a nice view of the beach. I bet my eyes would be in a relax state.

budyong beach7

The room rates:

Fan rooms

Bungalow for 2 persons – P500

Bungalow for 3 persons – P750

Bungalaow for 4 persons – P1,000

Air-conditioned rooms

Beach front for 2 persons – P1,500

Beach front for 4 persons – P1,700

Second line for 2 persons – P1,300

Second line for 4 persons – P1,500

Second line for 6 persons – P2,200

budyong beach2

Enough with the cottages. Let’s hit to the beach! My eyes shine bright like a diamond when I saw the magnificent view. The sands here are powdery. During night time, stargazing while lying down the sand was one of the priceless moment you will ever experience.

budyong beach9

budyong beach3

budyong beach4

budyong beach8

I saw this glass in the sand so I tried doing some macro shots. 😀

budyong beach12

budyong beach10

How to get to Bantayan Island? Please read this.

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Here is the updated contact details:

Budyong Beach Resort

Santa Fe, Cebu

Telephone no. : 438 – 9285

Mobile no. : 0921 314 5275

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