5 Reasons Why I Quit My Office Job in 2010

5 reasons why I quit my office job in 2010March 2010 – It was eight (8) years ago since I quit so I am writing the 5 reasons why I quit my office job. The first office job that I only worked for only 10 months as a data entry operator. I thought I was going to last for a year or more but it never happened. With the decision of quitting, I was very sure already as I was confident enough. Are you going to survive with only PHP 5,000 savings on your bank account? That’s how silly I was. During my trip to an island with friends, I got a separation pay for PHP 3,000. All in all, I only had less than PHP 10,000 to survive without a job in the next few months.

It takes bravery to quit my office job. Somehow, I was only earning PHP 6,000 a month working in the morning or PHP 9,000 a month if working night shift. My previous job paid less so I thought I should need a new job that pays more.

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Here are my 5 Reasons Why I Quit My Office Job in 2010

Low Salary – 1st of the Reasons Why I Quit My Office Job

My previous salary was 6k to 9K PHP working as a data entry operator. I worked there for 10 months. But with a small amount of salary, I was able to save 5K PHP and got a separation pay for 3k PHP.

Difficult Schedules and Hours – 2nd of the Reasons Why I Quit My Office Job

Working schedules were 6 AM to 2 PM, 2 PM to 10 PM and 10 PM to 6 AM. The schedules made me sick that I lost my appetite to eat. Also, I never had enough sleep. I turned out to be always irritated due to lack of sleep.

Office work is too far – 3rd of the Reasons Why I Quit My Office Job

I live in Naga which is one hour and 30 minutes far to the city. It was difficult if you don’t want to get late. You have to wake up early and wait for the jeep while taking three rides just to reach the office.

Pursuing to work an online job – 4th of the Reasons Why I Quit My Office Job

Good thing is that I got a part-time job online while I was working in the office. It was my friend who told me about Upwork. She hired me for a small task.

Illness – 5th of the Reasons Why I Quit My Office Job

Having an illness was the main reason why I quit my office job. I was suffering hyperacidity just because I lost my appetite during breaks. It was 2 PM, got released out of the office to go home, while I took a cab, there was something wrong with my stomach already until I was throwing up on the window. Found a drug store to get a medicine but it never helped. I was crying outside of a shopping mall like a beggar. I had difficulty getting up. Hailed a taxi while I was still crying inside because of the pain. Paid a huge amount from Cebu City to Naga and I told myself, never again.

What to Do Before You Quit Your Job?

Some people quit their job just like that without having a backup plan. In the end, they relied too much on their parents or other family members. Worse, it was difficult for them to find another job just because they are too lazy. I witnessed it myself and that family member caused us stress.

Make Sure You Have Savings

As I mentioned earlier, I was able to save PHP 5,000 in my 10 months of working in the company. It was difficult to get a bigger amount of money since my salary was too low. But as long as you are confident to survive that amount in few months, you’ll be fine.

Find an Alternative Job Before Quitting

Since I had a desktop computer, I was able to find an online job. Confident that if I focus on my online job, for sure I will earn more than my office job. What are the other jobs or hobbies you can think are more profitable if you focus on it?

Some people quit their jobs to pursue their passion. It really needs dedication, patience, and several failures before you gain success. Can you turn it into a business and be your own boss?

Have a Backup Plan

What happens if you don’t make it? The money you have can only last for few months. What if you were not successful to find another job you are passionate about?

Sometimes, you can also find another job which is not in line your passion. Others go for sustainability especially for those nomads traveling around the world. But since, we are Filipinos, we don’t have the freedom as much as they had unless you work abroad where you can earn more money.

Mind Your Health, It’s a Priority

This is the main reason you have to ask yourself, why do you need to quit? If your health is at risk, you really need to rest. If doing nothing really helps, it’s ok. Our body needs to recharge. If your body is ready for work, then it’s time to go back.

Anything to add? Don’t forget to post your comments below as I may need to add your suggestions to this blog post.

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