Concert Photography: Maroon 5 Concert Singapore 2015

Watching a Maroon 5 concert in Singapore was a dream come true. Well, I was hitting several birds with one stone because 1) to watch Adam Levine and Maroon 5 performing, 2) to travel Singapore and 3) to do solo backpacking. All happened in September 2015 during the Formula 1 Singapore Grand Prix.

On my Facebook timeline, people are raving about Coldplay’s concert in Asia. In my opinion, concert tickets in Manila are very expensive, and tickets quickly get sold out. Just like what happened to my Maroon 5 concert experience, I bought my ticket for S$228 on sale right for the 3-day walkabout which I could also watch Pharell Williams, Bon Jovi and the F1 race. Just in perfect timing that I was doing a Southeast Asia solo backpacking last year, why not include watching a Maroon 5 concert?

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10 Reasons Singapore is the best place to watch your favorite international band

  1. As a Filipino living in Cebu, the Philippines, flying to Singapore needs no visa.
  2. Buying a concert ticket is cheaper in Singapore than in the Philippines.
  3. Possible that the airfare ticket to Singapore is cheaper than flying to Manila, thanks to seat sale.
  4. Accommodations in Singapore is cheaper than in Manila. You can also try Couchsurfing or stay with your friends in Singapore.
  5. Transportation is super duper accessible with their effective MRT, don’t worry about traffic.
  6. Food is cheaper in Singapore, thanks to Hawker place everywhere.
  7. It’s safe to walk around in Singapore even after the concert.
  8. Singapore is a small country you won’t worry getting lost.
  9. After the concert, go to a club and dance the night away.
  10. Have a side trip to Malaysia.

Maroon 5 Concert in Singapore

The Maroon 5 concert in Singapore, while watching, was a struggle for me. I disadvantaged regarding height, and taller people were in front of me. How I wished I had a big male friend with me at that time so that I could ask him to carry me on his back. Haha just kidding! But with my Nikon D5100 with 50 mm lens, my shots should suffice. I was not disappointed.

My whole body was exhausted as I tried to jump if I could see anything while my arms were carrying a heavy camera. Could you imagine that all people raised their hands with their smartphones? I could not see anything, to be honest.

Those hands were distractions of my view, and I could only see a glimpse of Adam Levine. I just set up my camera with the correct settings and I just started clicking – some were fine, some were blurry.

So what’s your experience watching your favorite band while traveling in a different country?

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