10th Tamayo Clan Grand Reunion – Tracing my Roots in Palanas, Masbate

After my 11 days in Siquijor where I stayed in a hostel in early May, now I am in Masbate before the month ends for a clan grand reunion to trace my roots here in Palanas. It’s my first time here in Masbate and so I’ll grab the opportunity to travel. Since it’s a one-day event that happened on May 24th of 2016, it is better to file a leave at work but not in my case.

Tamayo from Madridejos, Cebu (Pedro & Gliceria Bacolod-Tamayo)

It was our first time to attend the grand reunion and this became a tradition every two years. They decided to let this happen every 24th of May since it’s a town fiesta from May 21st to 23rd which is always a good timing people coming home to spend fun times with the family and chances of vacation leaves being approved. Tracing the family tree and the history of our ancestors is really fun.

How did we know about the event? Well, thanks to Facebook for reuniting families and relatives for creating a Facebook group Tamayo Clan in Masbate.

Started the event with a thanksgiving mass

Tribu ni Bonifacio

We were divided into different tribes, but we came to plans to unite the Tamayo’s. Anyway, only my aunts and uncles know better about the family tree. I don’t have complete photos of each tribe. Maybe I should ask some photos taken by members of their tribes. I just posted photos of the happenings last night.


The stage

Dancing cha-cha to keep the people alive

While my relatives already left for Cebu as they have work waiting for them, I decided to extend my stay and will explore Masbate City and Ticao Island on the next few days. The reason I stayed is because I still have work to do and I can’t afford not working for a day.

Office of the day in Palanas, Masbate near the fish pond area

at P. Tamayo Street

Thanks to all Tamayo’s in Masbate for the warm welcome! I will update the post with more photos since my internet is really slow.

2 thoughts on “10th Tamayo Clan Grand Reunion – Tracing my Roots in Palanas, Masbate

  • Wow sna nkasama ang jacinto viilanueva Tamayo family in cataingan Masbate. But its sad because my parents died 2 years ago..before I remember every time the had reunion my father always there to attend.oh! I miss my father.

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