Adios mi Amigo, Rafa Angulo!


Rafa Angulo together with the official pet of Villa Sandra named Kiwi

I started my monthly travels since August 2014 and I’ve met a lot of travelers on the road from different nationalities. Some will be your friends on Facebook and after that, you still don’t know when are you going to meet again as they need to go back to their home countries. People come and go. It’s natural.

I see people from different countries that are now staying in Cebu as they fell in love to the place and it is nice to see them again every time I go back. So I have the reason to go back and enjoy the place even on a weekend. Amidst the language barrier, it is still nice to talk to them again.

What if one of your friends who you meet on your travels is now gone permanently?

My heart broke when my I learned the news that my Spanish friend, Rafa Angulo, is now gone. I met him in Malapascua together with other Spanish friends at Villa Sandra Guesthouse. I remember the time it was almost three in the afternoon I arrived in the guesthouse. He approached me and asked if I had taken lunch because he was cooking for everyone. I even forgot to have lunch that time.  I was like how lucky I was to be treated like this in the guesthouse.


Lunch cooked by Rafa

Most of the people in the guesthouse were Spanish so it was really awkward at times as everyone were speaking in Spanish and I could not understand a thing so I was just making myself busy with my work. It was really sweet of Rafa to translate some of their conversations to English.


I learned he was a journalist and he’d been staying in Malapascua for 3-4 months already. He loved the island so much that he helped the island during typhoon Yolanda.



He loved to give long hugs and kisses to everyone. This is what I’m going to miss about you Rafa. We met only twice during the first week of February and March. I am so glad I met you, Esther and Junjun for the warm welcome at Villa Sandra Guesthouse. Indeed you are my family on the island.

It hurts seeing on my newsfeed about your passing as I don’t want to believe it. I was shocked. I had to read all the translations. It was hard to accept but you’ll be forever in our hearts and in Malapascua. You are an inspiration to everyone for spreading the kindness and love. Rest in peace mi Amigo. Surely, we will miss you!

I will never forget you as you’re one of the people who helped me during my crazy solo backpacking adventure in Malapascua.



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