#first7jobs Trending Now – Here’s Mine, Share Yours!


#first7Jobs is Trending

Let me join this bandwagon that is showing on my Facebook newsfeed right now, which is using the hashtag #first7jobs. It is good to see where people started working and is currently happy where they are working right now. It was Marian Call, a musician, who started this on Twitter and asked people, “What were your first 7 jobs?”

So here’s mine, share yours!

Jollibee Service Crew as a Cashier (2006-2007, Cebu City)

I was a student back then when I turned 18 that I want to experience my first job as a service crew while studying at the same when I was in college. I took up Bachelor of Science in Information Technology. You have to maintain a passing grade of 3.0 at Cebu Institute of Technology – University. I worked as a service crew for six months. I didn’t finish my four year course back then so I quit my studies and looked for a job.

Data Encoder at Xerox Company (2008-2009, IT Park Lahug, Cebu City)

After quitting my studies due to financial problem. I was confident that my previous job would get me another job. I applied to a call center company, got into training, but I didn’t make it since I had trouble working night shift. It wasn’t for me. I got this data entry job or data encoder at IT Park since I had a typing speed of 63 words per minute at 100% accuracy now at 70 wpm with the same accuracy. I worked for 10 months. I quit my job due to health reasons. Commuting to work everyday made me sick.

Link Builder (2009, Home Based, project basis)

I started blogging in 2009 with a personal blog as a hobby, but not having my own domain. I just blogged randomly from current events to personal happenings. I was trained by a former computer teacher so I got the idea what link building is. Working online started as a part-time job since I was working in a company before. I decided to quit my job and focused working online since I was able to get some ideas where to find jobs online. The advantage? No more commuting to work every day.

Photo Editor (2009, Home Based, project basis)

The advantage of working online is you can jump from one project to another. Being fond of Adobe Photoshop, it’s time to show off some of my edited skills in Photoshop from background removal, removing blemishes and so on.

Photographer (2013, the moment I acquired my camera)

Ever since when I was a kid, I really have this dream to have my own camera. I really saved money for this just to own one. I tried to venture in Wedding Photography as the main photographer, thanks to my friends for hiring me, and a back-up or assistant photographer. I started this as a hobby.

Travel Blogger (2013, started a blog only for sharing photos)

Travel Blogger sounds cliche, but I never earned anything yet as a travel blogger. I do travel blogging as a hobby, but this hobby created me more opportunities to travel for a discount or for free. I bought my own domain in 2013 but I just decided to move to a self-hosting just this year to use my knowledge in using WordPress which I’ve learned from several clients I worked with. I am also able to travel while bringing my work with me as a Digital Nomad.

Multi-talented Virtual Assistant (2009, Home Based)

It was my Canadian client who called me a Multi-talented VA, so alright let me embrace this! Since I started working online, my online profile says I am a Virtual Assistant juggling with different tasks from being a blogger/writer, data encoder, web researcher, photo editor, website set-up and updates and to name a few like I am Jill of all Trades.

I would love to read yours. If you could blog about it, that would be awesome! 😀

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