Red Carabao Community – My First Solo Trip in Manila

This was right after my second trip in Japan because my return trip was to Manila and it was the cheapest ticket that I found rather than flying back straight to Cebu. I’ve been to Manila many times but with friends. I’ve been to five countries doing solo traveling with no problems at all but a solo trip to Manila made me nervous. Why? Because Manila is chaotic because of the traffic, some taxi drivers are not honest and I felt so unsafe that somebody might robbed me or something. I prayed that I would be okay.

I arrived at almost 4PM NAIA Terminal 3 and met a friend’s boyfriend in the airport to give the package from Japan. It was a good thing that when I arrived I had someone to talk to because I wasn’t ready to get out off the airport. I used UBER app for the taxi from the airport to Red Carabao Community.

red carabao manila

Then I did not expect the warm welcome I received at the Red Carabao Community. I arrived at 9PM because of the heavy traffic. Supposed to be I should be tired and sleepy but I found myself playing drinking games. I got invited for a night life on a Monday night. It was crazy!

red carabao manila 2

These guys from Canada, France and USA took care of me, bar hopping from one to the other, dancing from 11PM to 3AM – Coca Cola and bottled water for me!

red carabao manila 11

Oh yes, it was also the first time to experience the pole dancing in some clubs in Manila. Even though I’ve been to Manila a lot of times, definitely my first time to experience the nightlife. Gosh, I’m such a late bloomer!

red carabao manila 7On the next day, another travellers came from Denmark, Germany and UK so we had the Red Carabao Manila City carabao manila 5Check out the video below created by Lem during the Manila City Walk![youtube]

Red Carabao Community was my first hostel experience in Manila. Definitely, I felt so home and part of the family. I enjoyed the city walks, community dinner, nightlife, cool people, awesome staff, movie marathon and the rooftop.

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