Throwback Travel – Lake Danao Park in Camotes Island, Cebu

Lake Danao Park is a refreshing place to visit. It is located in the northern part of Pacijan Island, one of the islands of Camotes. It has an area of 680 ha. (1,680 ac) and the largest lake in the Visayas Region.

The entrance fee was in minimal cost, I forgot how much but it was not expensive. You can have a stroll around Lake Danao Park. You can event rent some kayaks and enjoy the activity.

You can have some picnics with your friends or your loved ones. You can even have a date with your special someone. Everything in this place is just so peaceful.

The rental of kayak cost P150 per hour but I’m not sure right now if it still has the same price.

You can take a jog or stroll here. Sometimes it looks creepy but this won’t matter if you have someone around.

You can also have your moment here and reflect what’s happening in to your life.

I just love this image felt like it was autumn.

Good thing, the sun was up but if it was dark I might panicked.


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