Biking Whole Day Tour in Dumaguete

After from our Siquijor trip, we only stayed over night in Dumaguete. We left Siquijor early in the morning and arrived for one hour. I decided to blog this in whole setting the place we visited.

The free bikes from Harold’s Mansion was such a great help for touring around the city of Dumaguete. It was such a great saving that we only spent for our lunch with unlimited rice. Dumaguete is a bike-friendly city. How I wish that Cebu City and the whole province of Cebu should be bike-friendly. First, we need to fill up our stomach so we went to D & C Manokan. I think we only paid PhP 70.00 for our Chicken Inasal with unlimited rice then it is up to you to add soft drinks or shakes. I chose avocado shake.

dc manok

Jose Rizal Park in Dumaguete

We went first to Jose Rizal Park. Tata brought her map and she was our tour guide for the trip, she led the bike and we were just tailing her. Funny that people were staring at us because Rachellyn was very cute with her yellow blouse.

It rained slight but thankful that the rain did not fell that hard. So biking around with a slight rain should suffice.

Sta. Catalina de Alejandria Cathedral

Since the Sta. Catalina de Alejandria Cathedral was just across the park, we went inside the church and offered some prayers. We were thankful for our trip from Siquijor and still prayed for our safe trip going back to Cebu on the next day. It was still raining but later on it stopped.


The rain slightly stopped and went to Bellfry, bought and lit some candles with our non-stop prayers.

Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park

Good thing God answered our prayers so we continued our biking journey. We took some rest here in Ninoy Aquino Freedom Park.

Sidlakang Negros Village

“Sidlakang Negros is a one-hectare park dedicated to the Provinceโ€™s cultural events, with modular thatched cottages showcasing Negros Oriental arts & crafts, tourism and agricultural products.”

source: Choose Philippines If you can’t go to nearby places of Negros Oriental, then this place is a one-stop shop that showcases the 19 municipalities and 6 cities where they can display their assets, agricultural products, business potentials, goods and services for travelers and tourists.

Silliman University

Of course, visiting the famous University in Negros Oriental is a must. We were only asked for our ID’s to have our free entry.

Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries

The famous Sans Rival Cakes & Pastries is also a must-visit. We really search for this so that we can bring pasalubong to our families in going back to Cebu. After buying the pastries, we went back to the hostel because we were very tired. We also needed to shower because we were so smelly. Haha! We had not got the chance to go to the baywalk because it was raining hard.

Then I received a not-so-good news then…

I received an e-mail from Cebu Pacific that our trip was re-scheduled to 7PM from Bacolod to Cebu. Damn, I was really stressed reading the e-mail and called them right away on my phone thought it cost me much. But Tata told me that we need to go to Sibulan Airport and follow the original schedule of our flight and talk to them later on. On the next blog post, find out the come-up of this unexpected e-mail from Cebu Pacific. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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