Seven Years of Working as a Virtual Assistant and Counting

This calls for a celebration! Working as a Virtual Assistant for Seven years? Wow! For me, it’s a milestone because I survived more years of working online than working in an office. I remember when I worked for a BPO company at IT Park, in Lahug, Cebu City, I never lasted for a year. Only[…]

A Personal Experience How I Started Travel Blogging

Earlier today, I got this direct message from an Instagram follower who made me feel so happy about being an inspiration the moment she came across my travel blog. I am not a famous travel blogger but receiving this kind of messages make me feel inspired to blog more despite the hectic schedule with work.[…]

Visa Application: Canada Visa Denied, Pursued Japan Instead

It was in 2014 that my former Canadian client told everyone on the team that we were invited to go to Montreal, Canada to meet the whole team. I was shocked by the news and got excited because I’ve never been to Canada. I was the only Filipino on the team, and the rest were[…]

A Stranger Paid for my Surgery to Pursue my Love of Travel to Hong Kong

A stranger paid for my surgery. Someone I never met in person and no chance of ever meeting him. We started chatting online before my trip to Boracay in May 2014. It was just a simple hi, hello, how are you until we talked on Skype almost every night. He lives on the other side[…]

Rox in Camotes Island, Cebu December 2014

How a Painful and Traumatic Health Threat Forced Me To Travel More 

How a Painful and Traumatic Health Threat Forced Me To Travel More Everyone has their own stories about why people pursue traveling. Some people travel to find themselves, some just got out of school to take a break and pursue travel, some just quit their job and took several months of sabbatical, some just had[…]