Shopping at Bukit Bintang and Some Captured Moments Through Instagram

This was 7pm earlier but the sun was still up. Amazing! #kualalumpur #malaysia #travel #InstaFrame

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I never had the chance to take a photo when we went to Bukit Bintang using my DSLR camera because I was so tired already. But I had it with my iPad. Unfortunately, I only had few photos. Just imagine, we were walking from Petaling Street to Bukit Bintang. Haha! Berjaya Square Mall has 7 or 9 floors I think and all we did was walking around the mall. But then I found some cheap finds of clothes which are similar on what you can find in Forever 21 and just half the price. I found a bargain.

As what I’ve read somewhere, shopping at Bukit Bintang for clothes has the better deal so I eventually took that advice. I never regretted anything of buying some fashionable clothing.

Train moments going to #batu #cave #kualalumpur #malaysia #travel #InstaFrame

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Here’s some of my moments inside the train on our way to Batu Caves. Good thing there were few people around.

No #rice at #mcdonalds in #kualalumpur #malaysia #travel #food #InstaFrame

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I had no choice but to eat at McDonald’s.

I was able to blog at KLIA using a 10-inch MSI netbook. I don’t have this small laptop anymore as I sold it. I needed a laptop that can handle a lot of stuff for my work which I have right now is a Lenovo Z480 which is really heavy. Although an Ultrabook or a Chromebook is recommended for an ultra lightweight laptop while working while traveling.

This is the end of my Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia trip 2013 at last! Next year I’ll be back in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a volunteer work, yohooo!

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