Kayaking and Lunch Time in Sumilon Island

I’ll end this Sumilon island blog series with this one. I’ll show you how relaxing the place was for kayaking session. Indeed, my first time experience was really great. I was the one who paddled the kayak. It was very tiring but worth it to try. How I wish I could take it as an[…]

Bancogon Before Going to Sumilon Island

When you see a very¬†steepy road going down somewhere, that place is your gateway to Sumilon Island. This is where Bluewater Resort receives their guests. While waiting for the boat, you can’t feel any boredom because of the beautiful scenery of the place. There is free Wi-Fi so you can update your social media and[…]

Bluewater Sumilon Island Getaway Travel Guide

The Bluewater Sumilon Island Getaway was made possible as a Mother’s Day gift for mom. Last Sunday, I went to the nearest travel agency at Grandiose Travel in Gaisano Minglanilla for inquiry and on Monday, I went back to confirm my booking to enjoy the day tour package on Tuesday. How to Book for a[…]