Japan Itinerary 9 Days Autumn in Tokyo on a Budget for Less Than 20K Pesos

Traveling to Japan should not be expensive. Here’s a Japan Itinerary 9 days Autumn in Tokyo on a budget of less than 20K Philippine Pesos. Yes, you have read it right, just less than US$500.

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japan itinerary 9 days autumn in tokyo on a budget

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I really had no specific itinerary during my second time in Japan. All I wanted is just to see Tokyo again as there are so many things to do around the city. All I had is just PHP 20,000.

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Basic Expenses | Japan Itinerary 9 Days Autumn in Tokyo


Cebu to Tokyo – PHP 2,500

Tokyo to Manila – PHP 1991.25

Travel Tax – PHP 1,620


Ace Inn Shinjuku – Euro 16.33 for one night, book it here.

Ace Inn Shinjuku
5-2 Katamachi
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan

Airbnb in Shin-Okubo near a Korean town – Euro 37 for two nights, get your discount with Airbnb using this link.

AS House (Asakusa Smile) – JPY 1700 per night, paid JPY 9680 for 5 nights, book it here.

2-20-10 Higashi Komagata
Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan


I bought a Suica card which I can load at least JPY 1,000.


The food I eat is purely basic and my budget per meal is JPY 500. For breakfast, I’m happy with cup noodles for JPY 250 – 300. If I want authentic ramen, it’s JPY 800. Bowl rice is JPY 400 – 500. One sushi plate is at least JPY 100. I also get a hot chocolate drink from a vending machine since it’s cold in the autumn season.

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Japan Itinerary 9 Days Autumn in Tokyo

Day 0 – November 28, 2015

  • Departure Cebu to Tokyo at 5:55 AM
  • Arrival Narita at 11:20 AM
  • Took the Narita Skyliner to Shinjuku but stopped at Akebonobashi Station
  • Check-in at Ace Inn Shinjuku just a near Akebonobashi Station
  • Dinner
  • Tokyo Winter Illuminations
  • Roppongi Midtown Christmas 2015
  • Caretta Shiodome
  • Tokyo Tower
  • Tokyo One Piece Tower
  • Back to Ace Inn Shinjuku

Day 1 – November 29, 2015

  • Check-out Ace Inn Shinjuku
  • Checked-in to Airbnb Shin-Okubo near Korea town
  • Dinner and walk around Shibuya with the housemates from the Airbnb place

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Day 2 – November 30, 2015

  • Meiji Shrine the whole day having breakfast and dinner
  • Back to Airbnb Shin-Okubo near Korea town

If nightlife is also your thing, you can also add it to your itinerary. I had my nightlife experience in Tokyo and accidentally met Draco Malfoy a.k.a Tom Felton.


Day 3 – December 1, 2015

  • Checked-out Airbnb Shin-Okubo near Korea town
  • Checked-in at AS House Asakusa Smile
  • Roaming around Tokyo, having breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • Accidentally met Mariko at Asakusa station

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Day 4 – December 2, 2015

  • Breakfast
  • Sensoji Temple with Mariko
  • Shinjuku Park meet up with Akiko
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building with Mariko and Akiko
  • Dinner
  • Shibuya crossing
  • Back to Asakusa Hostel

When you’re interested to visit a city near Tokyo, Yokohama is highly recommended as it is just one hour and thirty minutes away from Tokyo.

Day 5 – December 3, 2015

  • Brunch at Ramen House in Asakusa walking distance from my hostel
  • Wasted my afternoon because I lost and found my passport on Ueno station
  • Meet-up with a friend for sushi dinner after I found my passport

You may want to read my experience with my misadventures in Japan. You might learn a lesson or two.


Day 6 – December 4, 2015

  • Lunch in Urayasu
  • Meiji Shrine with a friend
  • Omotesando Hills
  • Meet-up with a Japanese cousin for dinner

When you want to get out of Tokyo and decide to go to Osaka, take the overnight bus with Willer Express Bus.


Day 7 – December 5, 2015

  • Going to Saitama the whole day
  • Back to Asakusa Hostel

If you’re interested to see the deers, go to Nara for deer feeding.

Day 8 – December 6, 2015

  • Roaming around Ueno and Ueno Zoo
  • Food trip
  • Back to Asakusa Hostel

Day 9 – December 7, 2015

  • Flight to Manila

As you can see, my itinerary is not that complicated as most of the time I go to places that are free. I also never deprive myself of food as I love to eat. I am very relaxed when I travel as I also love to sleep more during the cold weather. Everyone has their own way of traveling. You can actually add more things to do around Tokyo. But I just wanted to see the changing colors of the trees and the illumination night. You can actually splurge in Japan if you like.

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