Port Barton a Perfect Place for Digital Detox and Meditation

Never thought that I always have a yearly trip to Palawan which started back in 2014. I always find myself booking a one-way ticket. Maybe, I am just lucky that I found good friends who live in Palawan. I never heard of this little village called Port Barton. Last June 2017, I got the chance[…]

Jiufen and Pingxi Tour with MyTaiwanTour

Jiufen and Pingxi Tour with MyTaiwanTour Last April 2017, I got the chance to have a partnership with MyTaiwanTour. The third time in Taiwan made me feel so excited as it gave me the opportunity to see the cherry blossoms. The tour started picking up the guests from their accommodation or the nearest train station.[…]

Surfing Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte for 6 Days – I made it!

Would you believe that I’ve been to Siargao recently? Yes, it happened last March 2017. A few years ago, several people have asked me the question if I’ve been there just because it’s a must place visit for backpackers. I was hesitant to visit because it was far and I had no idea how to[…]

How I Survived Budget Travel 26 Days Taiwan with PHP 8000 Pocket Money?

Introduction First of all, this blog post happened during my fourth trip to Taiwan with no plans, no expectations, and everything was crazy on the spot. This travel experience is not for the faint-hearted, especially for female solo travelers. It needs guts and self-confidence. You have to be mentally ready for worst-case scenario. Survival of[…]

iVideo Pocket Wifi – A Filipina Digital Nomad Experience in Taiwan

Taiwan is my second favorite country next to Japan. On my third time in Taiwan, it was the time I saw the cherry blossoms. I need to document my experience there in partnership with iVideo Pocket Wifi in Taiwan. Never in my life, I used a pocket wifi from my travels out of the country[…]

How Can You Be a Digital Nomad if the Philippines LTE Mobile Wi-Fi Sucks?

Philippines Internet Connection is Hopeless As much as I want to travel around the Philippines with my laptop, the only frustration that I have is the internet connection. Both Globe and Smart suck. The reason I prefer more traveling to other countries as I can find a place with a faster internet connection. After 5[…]

iTravelRox Nominated for Promo Code PH Travel Blog Awards 2017

iTravelRox Nominated for Promo Code PH Travel Blog Awards 2017 Hi, family and friends! I just want to let you know that surprisingly I got an email that iTravelRox nominated for Promo Code PH Travel Blog Awards 2017. Thank you for the recognition for finding my travel write-up a fun and informative travel blog. It’s[…]

First Time Abroad: How I Almost Got Offloaded as a Freelancer?

How I Almost Got Offloaded as a Freelancer? It was my first out of the country trip for my 4 Days and 3 Nights in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in September 2013. My Philippine passport was so fresh at that time, which I applied for it in January 2013. Got enticed to book my first international trip after[…]

Rox in Camotes Island, Cebu December 2014

How a Painful and Traumatic Health Threat Forced Me To Travel More 

How a Painful and Traumatic Health Threat Forced Me To Travel More Everyone has their own stories about why people pursue traveling. Some people travel to find themselves, some just got out of school to take a break and pursue travel, some just quit their job and took several months of sabbatical, some just had[…]

Unwinding at Paulo Luna Beach Resort in San Fernando, Cebu

Yesterday, on June 21, 2014, my relatives and I had the chance to unwind to this new beach resort in San Fernando, Cebu that is Paulo Luna Beach Resort check Agoda. It has not yet officially opened but because of the requests they receive from guests who are interested to visit, they can’t resist but to[…]